Coffee Time News 15/12/14


Ghostbusters has been a big part of the news recently, whether it’s the leaked casting information for the all female version of the spectral protectors or now this; a horror/comedy spinoff featuring Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum. 

Now it’s been a while since either of the Jungle Book projects have been in the news, but now Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book has a title as well as a piece of concept art.

The Sony leaks have had a huge effect on the company’s exploits recently, bringing a lot more to light than maybe they’d like, but now, amidst all the rumours and the Spiderman/Marvel talks we have this that says that Andrew Garfield may already done with Spiderman.


The mid season finale for Arrow is possibly one of the biggest change ups the show’s done since its beginning, and these new casting announcements lead to some exciting story possibilities, Beware, Spoilers.

This is always nice to see; Krysten Ritter who will star as the titular character in Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones has been doing her research in reading a buttload of the character’s stories.

This week SNL made this excellent Hobbit/The Office crossover, starring all your favourite middle earth characters. The really nice thing? It’s got a very British Office feel.


2014 was the first full year for Microsoft and Sony’s free games for subscribers system, and at a look back Sony seems to be the most generous. Games for Gold gave away £371.64 worth of games between two platforms, while Playstation Plus gifted over £827 worth between three platforms. But still, free games aren’t a bad thing no matter which way you slice it.

Assassins’ Creed Unity will see a big patch today, dealing with more of the same; stability, frame rate and bugs.

Gamestop states that Nintendo have discontinued three of their Amiibos, Marth, the Villager and the Wii Fit trainer. Though it’s a little cloudy as to whether that’s true or not.


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