Coffee Time News 19/12/14


There’s a bunch of character featurettes for Kingsman: Secret Service over here, which only adds kindling to the excitement fire for the film.

Evangeline Lilly divulges a bit more about the Antman plot, including a reference to her character being the daughter of the founders of the Avengers, which may just be a misunderstanding or mix up with the source material, either that or we’ve got a bit more intrigue into SHIELD.

Jonah Hill and James Franco star in the first trailer for True Story, a drama based on real events about a journalist and a murderer.


A new image has surfaced of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and from the looks of things this is before he suits up, whatever that suit may be. (Hopefully not shiny red leather)

A sneak peak at Agent Carter, which will be filling the gap left by the Agents of SHIELD hiatus in January, has popped up, showing off Peggy’s relationship with her housemate.

There’s a casting notice out for Robin’s parents in Gotham, the show intends to tell the story of how the boy wonder’s parents got together.


Dragon Age Inquisition has two pieces of DLC coming up; one free one and a premium one. Click here for some more details,

Telltale continues its reign of making games about popular properties, though this one may surprise you; a Minecraft game has been announced. Yup. You heard that right.

Those spurned by Assasssins’ Creed Unity now have the chance to claim a free game, you’ve got to have a Uplay account, but hey, free game,


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