Coffee Time News 22/12/14

Happy Holidays folks! Christmas is just a few days away and we’ll be taking a break from the news until new year, after this batch that is!


James Gunn has reiterated that Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t just a lead up to the Avengers Infinity Wars, and that both the original and the sequel should be considered their own monsters. That being said he hasn’t denied the possibility of some of the Guardians meeting some of the Avengers.

Amy Pascal, who’s been in the news a lot recently, mostly because of all the information flowing from the Sony hack, has suggested Idris Elba as Daniel Craig’s successor for James Bond. The best part? Idris has said that he’d take the role if it was offered to him.

Though it’s a bit of a TV/Film crossover SNL have another great sketch, this time Doctor Evil is giving Sony and North Korea a bit of evil advice, and it’s hilarious.


Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson, Agents of SHIELD) shared this image on his facebook page which is taken from the Secret Avengers  comic series. Now is this Gregg showing his love for the series, or is he teasing a possible appearence by Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.

The Daredevil series will be a crime drama first, superhero story second, which actually fits in nicely with the character’s approach to crime fighting, and the Defenders’ street level history.

Take a look here at the first designs for Arya Stark‘s costume for season 5 of Game of Thrones. The fifth season sees her in Braavos, where her grubby appearance might not go down that well.


Microsoft is following the footsteps of Ubisoft and apologising for the… issues, with the Halo Master Chief collection and giving the spurned a free game, though unlike Ubisoft Halo players don’t get a choice, and it’s a remastered ODST, sans Firefight. Which is still cool, I mean, I really enjoyed ODST, and a free game is a free game.

Far Cry 4 is getting some Permadeath DLC. Which would be exciting if it didn’t seem to just be a bunch of time trials. So close.

The Sims 4 is getting a ‘game pack’ which isn’t quite an expansion pack, but not quite a ‘stuff pack’ (their words) set in the outdoors-y wilderness of Granite Falls, come January.

That’s it for this year’s Coffee Time News and we’ll see you again in January where you can get caught up on any news that surfaced over the holidays. A quick thank you for everyone who’s visited the site this year, it’s been a great first year here for the team, and here’s to another great one in 2015!


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