Coffee Time News 05/01/15

Holy crap it’s already next year. Well, I hope you all had a great holiday, I know the team here got some well needed rest, but we’re back to get this gravy train up and running again. (Please don’t mention gravy, I ate so much…)


The coolest man in the world/canceller of the apocalypse Idris Elba has weighed in on the rumours that he could be the next Bond. Sort of. It’s not a confirmation, but it’s definitely not a denial, but best of all it’s hilarious.

February 1st will see the Superbowl, but for those who don’t care for sports, we all know the adverts are worth watching anyway, and this year is no exception, with a TV spot for Jurassic World recently being confirmed.

In the vein of teasers/trailers and everything else, we’ve got two Marvel announcements; Tomorrow will see the premier of Marvel’s Agent Carter, and if you stick through the adverts you’ll get to see the first full length trailer for Ant-Man. Likewise, a second trailer for Avengers 2 Age of Ultron will be airing on the 12th during the 2015 College Football Play-offs on ESPN.


Speaking of Ant-Man, star Paul Rudd will reprise his role as Sweetum’s Heir Bobby Newport in 2 episodes of the final season of Parks and Recreation that will air this month.

January 20th and 21st are a long way off for Flash and Arrow fans, but luckily Flickering Myth have the synopsis for the Mid-season premiers of the two DC heroes’ shows.

Daredevil Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has spoken briefly about the atmosphere of the show, saying he was influenced heavily by The Wire, and says that Bullseye won’t be making an immediate appearance, boasting that his antagonist has a back story and everything.


Sony’s PSN was down for a few days over the holidays, causing a bit of an uproar, so Sony have announced that they’ll be giving all PSN subscribers (who had active subscriptions during the down time) will get 5 days free (which is longer than it was down for) and customers won’t have to do anything. On top of that, at some point this month those subscribers will get 10% off of a cart purchase.

The creator of Smash Bros Masahiro Sakurai, has defended the casual market for the Nintendo brawling game, saying that if the game was built around pro gaming, and only pro gaming, then there’d be no future for the series.

Elder Scrolls Online has recently dropped its 6 month subscription offer, with the console version reportedly due out this year, could this be the start of a Free2Play set up?



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