Coffee Time News 07/01/15

The Ant-man trailer cometh, Bourne 5, and Majora’s Mask special edition


For anyone who missed it last night, the first trailer for this year’s Ant-man starring Paul Rudd has arrived. We don’t get to see him go big yet, but we do see him ride an ant, and joke about the fact that Ant-man changes his name like every week.

Deadpool casting rumours point to a ‘sidekick’ and the big bad. The sidekick, or ‘addition comic voice to accompany Deadpool’, is to be played by T.J Miller, and could be his fractured psyche or Deadpool’s best/wost friend Weasel. The Villain, who’s character is yet unnamed, will be played by Ed Skrein.

Bourne 5 looks to be taking the spot left void by Planet of the Apes 3 to give it some distance from the third Star Trek film in July of next year, the 29th to be precise.


Agent Carter aired last night, and for those who have seen it you might be interested in this piece which talks about the way that Agent Carter’s 8 week run will fit into the greater story.

In other Marvel news, before Christmas we spoke briefly about Clark Gregg teasing Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye appearing in Agents of SHIELD. Well that’s looking more and more likely as Renner has recently shared that he is once again suiting up.

Game of Thrones, as Spring is nearly here (which let’s face it is a worse tagline than Winter is Coming), will be seeing another resurgence in publicity, and what better than the last 3 episodes of season 4 airing in select Imax cinemas in North America.


Destiny players will be getting a ‘legendary token of gratitude’ from Bungie this week, they also shared on twitter that some of you may dismantle it pretty quickly, so it looked like we’ll be getting a legendary engram,  

Majora’s Mask’s special edition will include a Skull Kid figurine, which you can take a look at here. So far this is only for the US, but hopefully we’ll see it in England soon too.

Assassins’ Creed Unity continues its attempt to get on your good side by offering the first piece of DLC, Dead Kings, for free. See, if the game had worked on launch, you’d be paying for that.


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