Coffee Time News 12/01/15

The Princess Bride, the game, Golden Globe Winners and Let’s Plays get a rule change courtesy of Microsoft.


There’s a few new featurettes for the animated film ‘from the mind of George Lucas’ Strange Magic, one focusses on the voices behind the characters while the other is more story based.

The 72nd Golden Globes were this weekend, and you can find the list of winners here, but to surmise; Richard Linklater’s Boyhood took away 4 globes, including best drama, with the Grand Budapest Hotel taking best comedy or musical, while Eddie Redmayne took away best actor in a dram for The Theory of Everything and  Julianne Moore took the female counterpart for Still Alice.


Flash and Arrow fans rejoice, this weekend it was confirmed that a crossover will be a seasonal event, though some would prefer it to be every week it’s nice to know we’ll get at least one a season, and with both the Flash and Arrow recently renewed for a 4th and 2nd season, we’ve got at least one more on the cards.

Will Forte, who doesn’t get half as much recognition as he deserves, known mostly from Saturday Night Live, has a new show from the directors of the Lego Movie. It’s called Last Man on Earth and you can see the trailer here. No prizes for guessing what it’s about.

Better Call Saul has got an extended trailer, and while there are some familiar faces in the trailer the showrunners have confirmed that Jessie and Walt (Aaron Paul, Brian Cranston) will not be appearing in the first season.


The Princess Bride is getting a game, of all things. The mobile app of the 1987 comedy that brought us such things as ‘mostly dead’, ‘as you wish’ and of course, the inspiration for Game of Thrones Oberyn Martell,  ‘Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya ,you killed my father, prepare to die.’ is available in the Apple store and features tasks such as bashing eels, fighting giants and sword fighting will have more levels added to it as time goes on. The fire Swamp’s next. 

A note for Let’s Play-ers out there, Microsoft is changing their terms and conditions for monetisation of gameplay footage. Any videos you want to gain revenue from can’t have the game titles in the titles. You can read more here.

Majora’s Mask for the 3DS is tantalisingly close, and with the date approaching more and more information is coming our way, the most recent update has announced that the Bomber’s Notebook, which kept a note of the player’s interactions and tasks will be more comprehensive, easier to use and just a bit more helpful this time around.


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