Coffee Time News 20/01/15

The Hobbit: the Tolkien edit, a four hour cut of the entire trilogy, the PSN 10% sale hits this weekend and Deadpool to film in Canada.


Fans of the 90’s Saban kids show Power Rangers should rejoice. Actor Jason David Frank (who played Tommy, the Green and the white Ranger, the coolest rangers), has announced that the live action film should start production this year, ready for release in 2016.

In other production news, Deadpool, the film that’s been hurried into production after the test footage leaked last year, will be filming in Vancouver, and will start soon.

A dedicated fan of the Hobbit has laboured away to condense the entire Hobbit Trilogy (a total run time of nearly 8 hours) into a manageable 4 hours (Well, and a half, as the creator says, those are some long ass credits) he’s titled it the Tolkien Cut. Over on his blog you can see what he deemed worthy of cutting, as well as his reasons for doing so. It’s mostly to be true to the book and to reinstate Bilbo as the story’s focal point. A really great job all around and definitely worth looking at.


With the Flash returning to our screens tonight, here’s a little bit of concept art for the terrifying Man in the Yellow Suit, courtesy of deviant artist John Gallagher.

Danny DeVito has weighed in with his opinion on Gotham’s Penguin. Saying that Robin Lord Taylor is ‘A very good young Penguin’ and a ‘terrific actor’. Which should mean a lot coming from the man who took on the role in 1992.


Dying Light, the free-running, crafting, Zombie survival horror game, has had its physical release delayed in Europe, but the digital release will go ahead as planned on the 27th of January, a week’s time!

Club Nintendo, the Nintendo wide reward scheme, will be closing this year, with a time frame starting in April, when codes will cease appearing in physical game copies, all the way until September, when your stars won’t be ‘legal tender’ anymore. Read more here.

PS4 Owners, this weekend is time to bulk buy all the games, DLC and add ons you’ve wanted, as the Playstation Store 10% reduction is kicking in for this weekend only. As an apology for the Christmas downtime Sony is offering 10% off of a basket purchase on any games and DLC, but not movies, music or shows, rental or otherwise.


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