Reaction Time: ‘Revenge of the Rogues’ The Flash Se1 Ep10

By Joe Strange

After the incredible events of The Flash‘s mid-season finale The Man in the Yellow Suit, Barry Allan is no longer the fastest man alive, and it’s really gotten to the the Scarlet Speedster.

That’s how we kick off the newest episode, Barry has taken the events of his encounter with ‘Reverse Flash’ (another Cisco special) pretty hard, so the whole team is on the air strip trying to help Barry reclaim his title of the fastest man alive. Only Team Flash’s technique included heat seeking rockets and lasers. (Oliver Queen still uses a wooden dummy, is all I’m saying). We’ve had suspicions about Wells for a while now, especially after the revelation at the end of the last episode, and he almost gives his game away trying to get to his feet during the training sequence, so Wells’ revelation can’t be far off now.

But the meat of the episode is all about the return of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller Prison Break) and his new partner in crime, Heatwave (Dominic Purcell, also from Prison Break) as they return to Central City. But the pair have slightly different agendas. Heatwave is in the game for the money (and the fire, he really likes fire), but Cold has another thing on his mind; after their run in earlier in the season, he’s out for our man Barry.

While Miller once again nails the calculating Leonard Snart, Purcell’s performance is slightly over the top as his partner Mick Rory, and seems a bit out of place. But beyond that his character’s, ahem, hot headedness, is a great complement to Miller’s ‘brains’, and in the end this is a superhero show, and silliness is especially welcome in the Flash.

The Flash has stood out against its sister show Arrow by being a bit more light hearted and a bit more fun than the stories of Oliver Queen, and this episode was no exception. There were plenty of laughs between the cast, the final scene between Barry and Joe West was particularly fun, and helped Barry build up some of the connections he’s lost in recent episodes.

On the topic of relationships, that of Star Labs and the CCPD is slowly becoming amicable. With Cisco and Wells helping the force deal with Captain Cold’s freeze ray, that bridge is slowly starting to get un-burned. Though Joe and Wells still find the time to butt heads, especially when it comes to Barry’s well being and whether or not he should be training or helping. Though by the end of the episode Barry learns that improving himself and saving citizens aren’t mutually exclusive. Barry even makes a start on improving his relationship with Iris and Eddie, who are just moving in together, big steps ahead!

Aside from Barry’s training, Wells’ secret and the Iris/Eddie/Barry love triangle, the other main storyline is that of Caitlin’s investigation into her missing boyfriend Ronnie Raymond who we saw return last episode as Firestorm. Now there was a worry that Firestorm would be a carbon copy of Marvel’s Human Torch, but a few revelations hint that he’ll be more loyal to his DC origin, and I’m pretty excited for more of him.

Between the laughs, the excellent action scenes and the introduction of even more secrets and plot, Revenge of the Rogues was a great return to a series that hasn’t really disappointed yet, and I can’t wait until next week. But remember that Arrow airs tonight, so you can check back here for our review of that same flash time, same flash channel.

Oh, wait, that’s Batman.


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