Coffee Time News 28/01/15

The first trailer for the Fantastic Four, the all female Ghostbusters cast announced and Ocarina of Time 3DS gets discontinued.


The first of two big pieces of movie news from yesterday; the cast for the long rumoured all-female Ghostbusters movie has been announced, with some absolutely stellar comedy actors being involved; Kirsten Wiig (Bridesmaids,) Melissa McCarthy (Identity Thief), Leslie Jones (House Arrest) and Kate McKinnon (The Venture Bros). All of them have had sizeable stints on SNL as well, and Wiig and McCarthy have previously worked with Director Paul Feig on Bridesmaids.

The second piece of big news is obviously the Fantastic Four trailer that was released, showcasing Josh Trank’s ‘hard Sci-fi’ version of the superhero team up.

Rumour has it that Indiana Jones is looking for, not so much a sequel for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but a reboot, recasting the role of Indiana Jones to someone who’s not quite as old as Harrison Ford. The other rumour is that man is non other than Chris Pratt, who played space Indiana Jones in Guardians of the Galaxy last year.


A little thin on the Television ground; a quick promo for Gotham‘s episode The Fearsome Dr. Crane which will most probably feature everyone’s favourite farm instrument built with the specific purpose to scare birds.

CBS has officially ordered a pilot for the Rush Hour television show, which sadly won’t feature either Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan.


Remember back in November when the creators of Plague Inc began donating some of the game’s profits to helping the Ebola crisis after sales of their game skyrocketed? Well congrats to all involved because so far $76,000 has been raised in the game’s name. You can still contribute by going to this address.

AOL is shutting down Joystiq, according to sources close to the situation. Apparently it’s part of a ‘reshuffle’ that will lead to a fair few redundancies and site closures after traffic to the site drop 18% in the last year.

Bad news for Ocarina of Time fans, Nintendo have seemingly stopped production of the physical version of the 3D remake, though it is still available through digital download on the Nintendo E-Store.


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