Coffee Time News 03/02/15

Will J.K Simmons return as J.J Jameson? Agent Carter broaches the mystery of Black Widow and Telltale’s Game of Thrones gets an episode 2 today and tomorrow.


The Ben-Hur remake has officially begun shooting, with the cast list also being announced, you can see for yourself here. Originally starring Charlton Heston as the eponymous character, the new cast is mostly fresh faced, besides that of Morgan Freeman.

The Pacific Rim universe, according to writer Zak Penn, is a rich mine of mythology, so the sequel that’s on the cards, has the potential to revisit the world of the first film while shining new (well thought out) light on the Kaiju.

Would you like to see J.K. Simmons back in the role of Spiderman‘s J.J.Jameson? That’s a trick question; everyone does. You might be in luck then, as he may have spilled some of the beans in a recent interview, revealing that there could be something on the horizon for our favourite yelling newspaper mogul.


Marvel’s A.K.A Jessica Jones has cast the Matrix star Carrie-Ann Moss as an original character for the show, who will apparently hold a lot of weight with the goings on of NYC and the events of the show.

A few new images from Game of Thrones season 5 have been graciously given to us from upon high. More Cersei looking moody, more Baelish looking sneaky, more unsullied romance! Game of Thrones returns on April 12th.

Tonight’s Agent Carter episode ‘The Iron Ceiling’ will not only feature Captain America‘s Howling Commandos, but will, reportedly shed light on one of the biggest mysteries of the MCU, no, not how all these people have perfect hair no matter what, but the mystery of Black Widow. The video included in this link is one of those region specific pests, but you only have to wait until tonight for the episode.


Live today on PS4, PS3 and Steam, and live tomorrow on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is the second episode in the Telltale games Game of Thrones adventure game starring northern family House Forrester. Check out the trailer here.

Sega has teased a new Sonic Game for mobile devices, labelled Sonic Runners it seems a return to the great games of old, and will be free to play (with microtransactions).

A new image for the third game in the explosion-filled-balls-to-the-wall fun Just Cause series has arrived. It has sky diving, an exploding aircraft and a mountain. So, everything you love about the series (becaus, let’s face it, you don’t play these games for the story.)


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