Coffee Time News 06/02/15

Sir Ian McKellen is Sherlock in Mr Holmes. The first trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil arrives and The Joker will appear this season in Gotham.


The first clip of Bill Condon’s Mr Holmes starring Sir Ian McKellen as the 93 year old detective has rolled out. In 1947 Sherlock Holmes has retired to a seaside house and is now tending bees. The film looks to be focussing on Holmes’ decaying mind and memory while he tries to solve his last, unsolved case. It looks sad and sweet and McKellen will most likely smash the role.

Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey feature in this new image from Liza Johnson’s Elvis & Nixon. The film seems to be set on the morning of 1970, when Elvis appeared on the White House lawn and requested an audience with the president.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales is due to start filming this month in Australia, returning to the plot of the original trilogy it’s rumoured to revolve around Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) who took up the mantle of Davy Jones at the end of the third film, and his son.


Home and Away actor Luke Mitchell joins the Agents of SHIELD cast as an Inhuman character, after the revelation of the winter finale, Daisy is going to have to learn to control her new found ability, and the word is that Mitchell’s Lincoln will help her out.

It”s official, the Joke will debut in this season of Gotham, or at least it will scratch the surface of the Joker’s story, whichever road the show decides to take to introduce the clown prince of crime.

Daredevil has its first trailer, it’s dark, it’s gritty, it’s looking to be quite accurate to the Frank Miller storyline Man without Fear even down to the early on vigilante costume we see Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdoch wearing.


Another week, another Destiny patch. The weapons of Bungie’s fps will be getting another overhaul. The reasoning behind this seems to be to get players to start using different weapons, as there’s definitely a trend of assault rifles and shotguns being used a lot in the PvP side of the game.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, seems on the immediate surface to be a mere port of the original game, but after enemy replacements, new story elements as well as new features, it’s definitely a whole lot more than it first seemed.

Those determined Pokemon Trainers who have signed up for the (cheap) subscription service of the Pokemon Bank will be getting a reward; the three Johto starters (complete with hidden abilities) are rolling out to you guys. Check it out here.


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