Marvel Valentine’s Special: Best Comic Couples

By Sara Da Silva


Valentine’s day is almost upon us and so love is in the air. Through the years Marvel has given us some truly great love stories. And so, here’s a list of some of my personal favourite Marvel couples.

1. Gambit and Rogue

Their relationship had its ups and downs; with their inability to touch each other being somewhat problematic. But Gambit and Rogue have perhaps one of the most popular relationships in the X-Men series, and for good reason. It’s kind of like the Pushing Daisies of the Marvel universe (hopefully some of you will understand that reference).

2. Captain America and Peggy Carter

This one definitely pulls at my heart strings, especially now that Marvel’s newest TV show, Agent Carter, is in full effect. Yes, their love story is one that doesn’t end with a happily ever after, but it’s still one of my personal favourites. I’m just bitter about the fact that they never got to have that dance.

3. Spiderman and Gwen Stacy

I am basing all my knowledge of their relationship on the movies (so sue me). Perhaps my love of their relationship stems from the fact that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are a real life couple; they just have a brilliant chemistry both on and off screen. Of course, like most Marvel love stories, this one doesn’t have a fairly tale ending. Sadly, their relationship comes to a swift end following Gwen’s death. But, that wasn’t end of Peter Parker’s love life.

4. Spiderman and Mary-Jane

Sticking with the Spiderman theme, next up is Peter Parker and Mary-Jane. I’m a sucker for any will-they-won’t-they plots. This is definitely not an exception. With Mary-Jane dating Harry Osborn and Peter dating Gwen Stacy it seemed like the two were never meant to be. But, after Gwen’s death, the two found themselves closer than ever. They are perhaps the most known Marvel couple in history.

5. Cyclops and Jean

Is she dead? Is she not dead? Is she dead again? Their love story was definitely… bumpy. They’re certainly a couple that you’re always rooting for which makes their happiness all the more rewarding. It’s definitely a love story to rival some of the best.

6. Tony Stark and himself

Tony Stark simultaneously loves and hates himself. But what relationship doesn’t have its obstacles? I of course had to include Tony Stark in this article because, apart from Kanye West, who doesn’t love themselves more than Stark? If you’re looking for a romantic message to write in a card then I suggest: I love you more than Tony Stark loves Tony Stark. Now if that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.



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