Coffee Time News 11/02/14

The President gets more than he bargained for in the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, Bethesda is to hold a conference this E3 and Orphan Black gets a teaser.


Insurgent, the second instalment of  the Divergent Series, which follows in the footsteps of the likes of the Hunger Games and the Maze Runner (young people fight the establishment!) has a third trailer. Now, I don’t mean to seem ignorant, but I have no idea what’s going on here.

Yesterday comic fans rejoiced at the news that Spiderman will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, well with the good comes the, questionable. Sony have confirmed that they will in fact be continuing with their plans for a Sinister Six film as well as a female lead superhero caper. Now these two things aren’t terrible in their own right, but considering the way that the franchise has been heading, and the  fact that they will be in a separate canon, it could cause confusion and a little grief. But we’ll see.

We’ve got another full length trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 which will see its release on the 15th of May. After a, mishap, involving Fat Amy, the President, and seeing a bit more than he expected, the Bellas have to prove themselves in the world championships. Higher stakes, but the same great humour and music (we hope).


The newest Orphan Black trailer doesn’t give an awful lot away, but after the revelations at the end of season two, the less the promotional material gives away, the more intense season 3 we’ll get.

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, and while it’s not certain when he’ll be leaving, it does appear that the show will not be pulled off the air, and it should be down to Stewart himself to find a suitable replacement. Now if only a certain British comedian hadn’t got his own show last year…

I present to you the first batch of set photos from the filming of True Detective season 2. It’s an exciting one too; a shootout starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch.


Lost Contact is the newest DLC for Alien Isolation, and introduces a new mode in which you have only one life and a series of challenges. These challenges escalate in difficulty and reward the player points. Points can be cashed in for save points, but will sacrifice some of the hard earned points and lower your place on the leader board.

Bethesda is to hold its first E3 conference this year (on June 14th) While they’ve given no more details other than the date, we can hold out hope for a few announcements. A Dishonoured 2, perhaps. Okay, let’s face it, we’re all hoping for a Fallout 4 announcement. I KNOW we’ve just had the Spiderman announcement, and we’re just about to get a remake of the best Zelda game in history, but good things come in threes right?

Towerfall Ascension is a fantastically fun couch-multiplayer game, that’s had myself and Charlie up late into the night trying to perfect, and so when it was announced that DLC would be released in the form of The Dark World we were super psyched, and recently the Towerfall Devblog has shown us some of the new characters and skins that are coming with the new update.



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