Coffee Time News 20/02/15

District 9 Director to helm Alien 5, Community gets a poster and stills and Aquaman gets his big reveal!


The internet has been awash with rumours recently about the future of the Alien franchise, especially after Prometheus left many fans with a nasty taste in their mouths. Well, after releasing concept art for his own instalment in the series Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) has been given the directorial chair for Alien 5, as he announced on Instagram earlier this week. It’s also worth noting that series staple Sigourney Weaver has stated her interest in the film.

Jason Momoa, who played dothraki horselord and badass Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones (before he got on the wrong end of a nasty boo boo – oh come now, it was season 1.) will be playing Aquaman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and we’ve got the first image of the actor in costume, and boy howdie does he look terrifyingly awesome.

This week we’ve already talked about the input authors should have in the adaptations of their work, and now it looks like the writer of Fifty Shades of Grey Kelly Marcel may be leaving the production of the sequel along with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. So author E.L. James is reportedly trying to get the go ahead to write the screenplay for the sequel Fifty Shades Darker herself. This means that there could be a substantial delay in the production of the film.


Supergirl audition scripts have shown that Kara’s cousin (the man of steel) not only exists in the show’s universe but is well known, and that the costume will be the traditional fare of costume and cape. 

Greendale assemble! Season 6 of Community has a new poster as well as some stills which seem to feature an alumni dance. Of course it’s a dance, it’s Greendale!

Michelle Gomez is to return as Missy in Doctor Who Season 9, and fans of the female master won’t have to wait long, as she’ll be turning up in the season 9 premier and the second episode (it’s a two parter).


Bloodborne, the dark fantasy adventure game from Dark Souls From Software has a new story trailer; it’s dark, gruesome, and tells us a little more about the world players will be occupying on March 24th.

Destiny‘s Weekly Heroic Strikes, which give players the chance to take part in tougher, higher reward strike missions, will feature matchmaking after the next update. Bungie have also acknowledged the want for a matchmaking system for the Raids, but have said that they’re still working on a way to make it right.

Eiji Aonuma, series producer of The Legend of Zelda has attempted to explain one of he stranger characters in the Zelda series: the man fairy Tingle. Check out the interview over at Kotaku.


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