Coffee Time News 25/02/15

GTA V Heists finally have a date! Broadchurch gets a season 3, and Lionsgate strike a deal with Telltale for a new show, kinda.


The second Lego Movie is now officially called The Lego Movie Sequel. The only issue is that the original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller don’t have an awful lot of time to direct Emmit and the gang’s next outing, but it’s not so bad, since they’ve hunted out the very talented Rob Schrab to direct. If you don’t know that name, he’s written for dozens of shows, but also directed fan favourite Community, The Mindy Project and that camping episode of Parks and Recreation, so the sequel seems to be in good hands.

A new poster has been released ahead of the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer that’s due to air next week during the midseason premier of Agents of SHIELD. Looking at the fine print we can see that as well as among returning characters are Idris Elba’s Heimdall, Stellen Skarsgard’s Erik Selvig and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, it will be super interesting to see how they all come together, though Falcon could be connected somehow to Captain America’s recruitment drive for new heroes.

Xmen Apocalypse continues its casting tidal wave and has cast British actor Ben Hardy as a key role in the Bryan Singer’s completion of the First Class arc. There’s a theory that he could be playing Angel, who, if you know your Apocalypse lore, is one of the first to be converted by the villain, and becomes the powerful Archangel.


ITV has commissioned a third season of the incredibly popular and critically acclaimed drama Broadchurch with actors David Tennant and Olivia Colman returning for season 3.

A few days ago we mentioned that audition scripts for CBS’s Supergirl implied that the show’s universe contains Superman, well now a casting call for a 5’11 (or taller) ripped physique and square jawed body double confirms at least an appearance in the pilot.

Lionsgate (Orange is the New Black, Mad Men) has approached Telltale Games to utilise their story telling ability and understanding of video games to create a new interactive experience that will be recognised over both the mediums of television and games. For a bit more information on the Super Show click here.


Heists are here. No, legitimately, GTAV is getting heists for real on March 10th. The downside is that the PC version has been delayed until April 14th. More information is due to release about the heists in the run up to March 10th, including other new features and content.

There’s a new Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor expansion on the horizon, The Bright Lord will contain 10 new story missions new abilities, it will see you take the form of Celebrimbor in his quest to seize the one ring from Sauron and control Middle Earth, oh, and there’s a boss fight with the man himself. Take a look at the trailer here.

In the vein of DLC, Trials Fusion expansion Fault One Zero rolls out today, players will get 10 new tracks, new trophies/achievements and level editor objects. If you’ve a season pass then it’s free, if not it’s the regular Trials price of $4.99.


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