Coffee Time News 09/03/15

Jeremy Renner to return for Civil War, Supergirl outfit revealed and Just Cause 3 screenshots.


Mission Impossible 5 has been moved up to keep its release date away from this low key film called Star Wars that is scaring them for some reason, and will now be released on July 31st instead. Recently director Christopher McQuarrie partook in a twitter Q and A that answered some of the fans’ biggest questions, including Tone, Trailers and the bigger parts the supporting cast (including Renner, Rhames and Pegg) will have in the fifth instalment. 

Speaking of Jeremy Renner, in an exclusive with the Hollywood Reporter, it’s been confirmed that he’ll be returning to the Marvel Universe in Captain America: Civil War, which should put an end to the ‘Hawkeye’s going to die in Age of Ultron‘ rumours.

Neill Blomkamp continues to make the news while Chappie makes the rounds, specifically he’s recently spoken about the possibility of continuing the District 9 story into District 10, saying that he still intends to do so, but after a break. A break that could be filled with Alien 5 which he’s claimed is big and full enough to be more than one film. 


Images of the costume for Supergirl have been released, featuring star Melissa Benoist. The costume design seems faithful to the original costume, while the darker tones and the more ‘practical’ fabric harkens back to Man of Steel as well as The Flash, which makes sense, since it’s been designed by the same as the latter.

Check out this footage for the return of Lady Sif from Thor (Jaime Alexander)  in a clip from the next Agents of SHIELD episode ‘Who you really are’. It features every story-teller’s favourite trope; AMNESIA.

Game of Thrones fans who can’t wait until April for more Westerosi action can click here for the official descriptions for the first 3 episodes of season 5. Now, slight spoilers ahead, but only very slight since no real details are revealed, but you lot know what the internet can be like.


Screenshots from Just Cause 3 have appeared, though no video footage of the game yet, you can jump over to Polygon for the images. One of these features a jeep pinned to the wall, while on the other side two enemies can be seen hanging as well, could this mean that we’ll be able to use more than one grapple this time around?

Hotline Miami 2 has a menu option for skipping any scenes that allude to sexual violence. This is after the release of the demo (that included such a scene) received criticism, though apparently it’s part of a further narrative that was misunderstood. Here’s an idea; if you’ve got something that needs to be seen as a whole to be understood, maybe don’t include it in the demo.

Borderlands news now, not only does the second episode of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands release on March 17th, but The Claptastic Voyage, the next piece of The Pre-sequel DLC which will see the Vault Hunters digitised and sent into the digital consciousness of Claptrap and raise the level cap to 70, will be released on the same day as the Handsome Collection hits stores. The DLC won’t be available on disc, but will be available to download.


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