Coffee Time News 16/03/15

Scorsese to direct Mike Tyson Biopic, Hugo Strange in Suicide Squad and Elder Scrolls Online (re)Launch trailer.


In an interview with a New York Breakfast show Jamie Foxx has revealed that Martin Scorsese will be directing the upcoming Mike Tyson Biopic, in which Foxx will play the lead role. Scorsese’s last boxing movie was the great Raging Bull with Robert De Niro. Any chance they’ll broach his Hangover years?

Hugo Strange, the twisted, Batman Obsessed DC villain/Doctor, is rumoured to have a sizable role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, apparently he’ll be acting as the Joker’s psychiatrist, and will have scenes with both Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harly Quinn.

Avengers 2 stuff now; and beware scene spoilers regarding the Hulk Buster fight. In the same investors meeting that announced Frozen 2, the fight scene was shown, and over at Screenrant you can scroll down for a run down, if you like.


Game of Thrones is less than a month away, which means it’s full steam ahead on the promotional side of things, and today’s no different; here’s a heap of new images from the upcoming season, show casing all your favourite characters; Red Lady, Mopey Stark, Dragon Lady, Sneaky Stark and Soldier Dude. As well as some new ones, most of them from Dorne.

Wally West will feature in the Flash season 2. In the new 52 West is African American, much like Iris and Joe from the television show. In fact, it’s due to the show that the Comic version is African American, so there’s a clear link between existing characters and future characters (maybe literally, perhaps Wally will come from the future?)


With South By South West happening, expect more news as the week goes on, but for now just two little things:

GTA online is getting a stability patch for the 360 and Xbox One, similar to the one that rolled out last week for PS3 and 4, with the patch comes story and multiplayer fixes.

And you can now check out the launch trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, along with a lot of footage you’ll get to see all the new additions to the game that no longer needs a subscription. (besides your console’s online subscription)


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