EGX Rezzed

Sara Da Silva

EGX Rezzed is a yearly event in which players can salivate over console and PC games before they’re released. This was me on Saturday. Having been to the past 2 EGX conventions I knew roughly what to expect, but yet again I was blown away.

As soon as we got to the convention, and after having lined up for what seemed like forever, we went straight for the Oculus Rift. I’ve used the VR headset before but the people I was with hadn’t, so seeing their reaction was all kinds of hilarious. As well as playing the beloved Alien: Isolation on the Oculus, we had the pleasure of testing out the Roto VR, which essentially is a swivel chair with a built in sensor platform that moves your character as you move your feet. It took me a while to get used to the movement and keep my thumb away from the right thumb stick, but once I got going it was hard to stop. Not literally.

The convention was choc-a-block full of different types of games. I hadn’t heard of the majority before because they were so new, but there were a few that I instantly recognised. Including, but not limited to, the internet’s favourites: I Am Bread and Goat Simulator. They certainly attracted a crowd.

But there was one game in particular that I fell in love with: Gang Beasts. It’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise. I first saw this game played by Inside Gaming, who you may now know as Funhaus. It was hilarious then, and even better in person. The idea of the game is so simple and silly, yet genius. The anger felt after being eliminated by another player is almost on the same level as when playing Mario Kart. And that’s saying something.

Before we left the convention we somehow got roped into taking part in a postgrad psychological experiment which was measuring all sorts of variables, including empathy and spacial awareness. It was a two person experiment with the first person wearing a headset and controlling a computer, whilst the other was wearing a VR headset and was placed into a sealed coffin and had to relay clues and riddles to the other player in order for them to find their location. For some unknown reason I volunteered to be “buried alive”. It turns out that when I’m in claustrophobic conditions I burst into fits of hysterical laughter. But, by the end of it I actually found myself feeling quite comfortable. Well, I had to be seeing as my brother (who was controlling the computer) took such a long time to find me. I’m never trusting him with my “life” again. It was definitely the weirdest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

One of the greatest parts of gaming conventions is meeting the creators and developers. It really gives you a sense of how much effort goes in to creating the games that we play, and it can even be a stepping stone into the industry. So, if you’re interested in pursuing this as a career, or if you’re just a fan of video games, then definitely get yourself to EGX 2015.


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