Coffee Time News 23/03/15

Mission: Impossible trailer, new clips from Arrow and a look at the Sand Snakes from Game of Thrones, and a Halo 5 investigation.


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation gets a teaser, with a full one coming out later today, the reports were right, it seems like we’ll be getting a lot more Simon Pegg in this one than we did in Ghost Protocol, at the very least he’ll be getting his hands dirty.

A new trailer for Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen has surfaced as well, it seems they’re not focussing on his degrading memory in the marketing just yet. It also seems a little ominous for the footage that we’ve seen thus far.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, CHAPPiE director Neill Blomkamp has said that he’s already had to make changes to his Alien 5 script (which has a title, but he’s not disclosing yet) due to meetings with Ridley Scott and Fox and things that come to light in Prometheus 2.


Agents of SHIELD has a new clip for this weeks episode, it features Skye (Daisy?), Fitz and Simmons talking about Skye’s new found powers and their potential. There’s also a lot of Avengers name dropping in there too.

A wedding in the Arrow Universe is bound to end well right? Well, Diggle is due to marry in the next episode Suicidal Tendencieand, as the name might suggest it marks the return of the Suicide Squad, and there’s also a fight between Arrow and ATOM, which, you know, should end well. Click the link for the trailer.

Game of Thrones is introducing more characters this year. Ones of particular note are the Sand Snakes, daughters of the Red Viper who was smooshed in the facial area by the Mountain last season. Check out this feature which focusses on the three Snakes we’ll be seeing.


Mewtwo is coming to Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and WiiU ‘pretty soon’ it will be free for people who subscribe the games to Club Nintendo before May 31st this year. Then it will go on sale.

A new Xbox One update is rolling out in April which will bring improvements to Party Chat, Achievements as well as a string of improvements after the fact.

Halo 5 is revving that hype train with this new teaser/investigation series. It’s audio only, and the first episode features a journalist who’s hired to do a piece on the Master Chief, finds more than he bargained for and is inviting you to join the hunt for the real story. All in all, it sounds pretty cool.


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