Coffee Time News 24/03/15

Apocalypse will be Jennifer Lawrence’s last Xmen film, Batman Arkham Knight delayed again and Game of Thrones to spoil the unwritten books.


Xmen: Apocalypse will be Jennifer Lawrence’s last performance as Mystique, she’s officially said in an interview for the Serena red carpet. It’s not hard to imagine, considering she’s the helm of The Hunger Games, an Academy Award winner (and a heap of other awards under her belt) and all round great person, a natural end to her character’s story makes sense. She’ll be missed in the franchise but there are plenty of other heroes to pick from (Psylocke, can we have Psylocke now?)

Good news Captain America fans! The guys behind The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Civil War, Anthony and Joe Russo are very close to sorting out a deal to handle The Avengers Infinity Wars, since Joss Whedon will be stepping down after Age of Ultron. If Civil War is as good as The Winter Soldier, then we should be in for a treat when Thanos finally grabs those gems. It’s also been confirmed that the Infinity Wars part one and two will film back to back next year.

Spiderman! He’s a fellow who’s coming to play with the big leagues soon (ironic since he kind of kicked off this crazy superhero movie phase), but more so it looks like Mateus Ward (Weeds) is auditioning at a secret outside the office audition, with other 16-17 year olds. I really hope they’re not rushing this casting to try and get a stinger in Age of Ultron, while that would be awesome, I think we’d all prefer them to take the time to cast the right Peter Parker.


Game of Thrones book readers, our power to spoil that which others have yet to read will dwindle this season. Basically, showrunner Benioff said in a Q and A that the series will surpass the books this season, deviating from G.R.R. Martin’s literary path but meeting a the same point come the end. Which isnt’ that surprising, the show has taken liberties with some characters and events, for the sake of 10 hour long seasons, and some events aren’t transpiring the way they do in the books, but as long as it all ends the same way, it means that book readers will have a slightly different journey when the Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring hit shelves.

A new Daredevil poster which features Matt Murdock in his ninja suit, is available for all to see before the entire season releases on the 10th of April.

The Netflix Legend of Zelda series that was rumoured a few weeks ago actually might not be happening at all, and if so, could be a ways away. In an interview with Time Nintendo CEO Saturo Iwata has said that the article in question wasn’t ‘based on correct information’.


Dragon Age Inquisition’s DLC Jaws of Hakkon trailer launches later today on Xbox One and PC, with it coming to PS4 later on. This is announced after a set of Achievements were leaked which held spoilers.

Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed, again, but this time by 3 weeks, it will now launch world wide on the 23rd of June this year. The Dev team says that they don’t want to compromise and release and unfinished game. So, you know, I’m all for delays.

Twitch Users, check your email, a security hack has leaked a few people’s passwords and details, Twitch have a list of the effected users and are sending out emails to your folks.


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