Coffee Time News 30/03/15

Halo 5 gets a release date and 2 trailers, Deadpool’s costume revealed and Hiro  to make a return to the Heroes spinoff.


In case you missed it on Friday, the first trailer for the 24th Bond film Spectre was released; it’s all full of mystery and secrets and blind people looking at rings. I make it sound lame, but it’s not, go look.

Hugh Jackman is a confusing beast. First he says that Wolverine 3 will be his last outing with the character, then he says that he’d like to play the canuck until he dies, now he’s released this tweet saying ‘one last time’

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>


— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) March 28, 2015

Is this the last time he’s working with James Mangold? The last solo outing? Or his last film as Wolverine? More on it as it develops.

Wolverine could very well make an appearance in Deadpool, since the latest plot synopsis harkens back to the weapon X program, and the origins of the Merc with the mouth (all doable thanks to the Days of Future Past Retcon). On top of that, Reynolds has also released this image of the costume, in perfect Deadpool fashion.


A new trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart has appeared, and it’s showing us Stewart in a way we’ve not really seen before.

There’s a bunch of new footage in the newest TV Spot for Daredevil showing both action and Daredevil’s training (I assume) as well as a conversation with perhaps another blind man, perhaps he’ll help Murdock hone his skills?

Heroes Reborn has had little in the way of announcements recently, but the most recent one heralds the return of Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura. The time travelling/teleporting hero from the original series.


Well this is super interesting: Halo 5 Guardians has a release date; 27th of October this year, but more exciting, the news comes with two new trailers, live action ones at that. Now, the two trailers sort of show the same event, from different perspectives, they seem to be drilling in the whole ‘hunt the truth’ thing  we saw with the audio teaser.

Zelda for the WiiU has been delayed until next year, series producer Eiji Aonouma has announced. Saying that during development more ideas have come forth and their focus is no longer on a 2015 release, but instead on creating the best Zelda game they can.

Bloodborne players have experienced a progress stalling bug, resulting in the inability to get an item to progress in the game. The best way to avoid it is to refrain from using a summoning bell to initiate a multiplayer session in the Forbidden Forest section.


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