Coffee Time News 31/03/15

J.K. Simmons in new Terminator Genisys trailer, Maisie Williams in Doctor Who Season 9 and Mulan could be getting the live action treatment.


A new trailer for Terminator Genisys is out, and it’s heavy on the Oscar winning J.K Simmons, which is a smart move. You can take a look at it here, and I have to admit, I’m more excited to see it now than I was before. It’s probably J.K. Simmons. It’s definitely J.K. Simmons.

The mutant Angel shows up in this new production art from Xmen Apocalypse, he seems to be in some sort of sideshow, ‘the amazing birdman’ perhaps. Oh wait, no that’s that other film. Anyway, in the comics the mutant Apocalypse recruits Angel as one of his horsemen/ turns him into ArchAngel, who’s got metal wings, so that could be a route they’ll take in the movie.

1998’s Mulan could be the next runner in the current Disney trend of Live Action retellings, if the Hollywood Reporter is anything to go by (it is). After the success of Cinderella it’s only natural for the studio to start looking for other viable properties, and what’s more viable than the timeless story of Mulan? Who disguises herself as a man to save her elderly father from the toils of war. The script, written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, still needs a director, however.


Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams will be appearing in a two part episode in season 9 of Doctor Who, little is known about her role, but it’s said that she’s going to give the Doctor a run for his money. Considering the secrecy and the infamy, as well as a shot of her in the Tardis, this could be a little bit more than a bit role for the actor, who’s come out and said that she’s excited to be involved in such a big part of British Culture.

The Daily Show has found its Jon Stewart replacement, in South African comedian Trevor Noah. Previously Noah has worked with Stewart on the show, but he also has an extensive stand up career to add to his comedy chops.

DC television news now; the pilot for Supergirl has finished filming, and should be pitched to advertisers in May, so it will be a while until we see any of the show. in other news, the Arrow/Flash Spinoff (is it weird that a Spinoff got a Spinoff?) adds two more names and heroes to the cast: First up is Hawkgirl, to be played by Law and Order actor Ciara Renee, she’ll play Kendra Saunders, who’s kind of a reincarnation of the original Hawkgirl/ancient warrior. The other role, the one of time traveller Rip Hunter, will be filled by Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill. who is apparently responsible for all of history. Seems like a heavy Burden.


Dragon Age Inquisition DLC The Jaws of Hakkon will be coming to Playstation and Xbox 360 some time in May. The DLC launched as a timed exclusive for Xbox One and PC on March 27th.

Music Streaming service Spotify is now available on PS4 and PS3, which will replace Sony’s own music app on those consoles. PS4 users will also be happy to know that you can stream music while simultaneously playing a game, Meaning I can listen to Barenaked Ladies while roaming around Thedas waiting for that DLC.

English Screenwriter Jay Basu has been picked to write the Metal Gear Solid movie, while Jordan Voight-Roberts (Kings of Summer) is attached to direct. More on the project as we get details.



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