Reaction Time: The Walking Dead Finale

By Sara Da Silva

On Sunday night we witnessed the very dramatic ending to this season of The Walking Dead.

(Seriously folks, spoilers ahead, this is a finale summary,)

The episode started off by ‘answering’ the question of ‘W’; so, an insane group of people, who claim they’re the “wolves” of the new world, are going around hunting people and forming an army of walkers? Maybe? I was hoping our questions would get answered but it looks like, in true Walking Dead fashion, we’re left with more questions.

But at least fan-favourite Morgan is back, and finally reunited with Rick. Although, it might not have been the smoothest of reunions with Rick just having shot Pete, who had just finished killing Reg…

But apart from that, it looks like Rick and the gang have found somewhere they can settle down, permanently. I of course have my doubts that everything will be sunshine and rainbows in the next season. If this past season is any indication, then shit will undoubtedly hit the fan.

Glenn and Daryl, for instance, have been too close to death more times than I’d like. Over the past few seasons the writers have been building their characters up to be stronger and, of course, more loveable. Hopefully it is not to make their inevitable fall even the more painful for us.

Daryl wielding a chain as a weapon was perhaps one of the most satisfying scenes I’ve witnessed in a while, even if it was for only 3 seconds. It’s definitely one of the coolest kills of the season, in addition to Rick squeezing the head off of a walker. As for Glenn, he’s too nice for his own good. How many times does Nicholas have to try and kill you before you get the picture?

Next up on the roster of bat-shit crazy: Sasha. When she’s not laying down amongst walkers in open graves, she’s leaving the gate unguarded for the whole un-dead world to see. Although, the gate wouldn’t have required guarding if it wasn’t for Father Gabriel leaving it wide open. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Yes, I just quoted Taylor Swift.

Season 5 reminded me of the earlier seasons. You know, the really good ones. They moved around a lot (which I’m very thankful for), had a variety of villains, and had some of the most gruesome deaths we have seen in a while (Everybody Hates Chris, I’m looking at you). The finale set us up for the next season perfectly. And in terms of production and CGI, they have definitely upped the ante.

What’s next for The Walking Dead? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But until then, why not watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, premiering this summer on AMC.


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