Coffee Time News 01/04/15

Batman Vs Superman Trailer attached to Mad Max Fury Road, Sherlock season 4 details and a new Assassins’ Creed series.


Mad Max Fury Road has a new trailer, it’s full of car flips, a little more plot (about stealing possessions) and that lovely post apocalyptic terror. Seriously, watching this makes me want to go and play Borderlands all over again. Anyway, if this trailer isn’t enough to get you to see the film, perhaps the rumours that a trailer for Batman Vs Superman will be connected to the film will.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, as yet un-sub-titled (we think) has found its Casey Jones. To play as a love interest for April ONeil (Megan Fox) and as an ally for the Turtles, Arrow actor Stephen Amell has been cast as the masked Vigilante. No no, a different masked vigilante. Has Amell been really specifically typecast?

The Suicide Squad has no shortage of big named actors and characters, between Will Smith’s Deadshot, Margot Robbie’s Harly Quinn and Lared Leto’s Joker, you’d think they’d be okay for characters, but now they’ve added Killer Croc to the list, you know, that giant half man/half croc dude who lives in the sewers of Gotham? Anyway, he’ll be played by Lost Alum Adewale Akinnuoye.


Alan Tudyk’s Con Man which was very successfully crowd funded by you folk, (a helping of big Firefly stars didn’t hurt) has added more names to its exciting and extensive nerd-friendly cast, including actors from The Walking Dead, Terminator and Battlestar Gallactica, Check out the report at the Nerdist for more.

Having recently announced that the Christmas Special for Sherlock will be a standalone story based in Victorian London, Showrunner Moffat has come out and said that this coming season will be a darker story, all about consequences, but maintains that it will keep the show’s humour in tact.

A trailer for the third season of Orphan Black has also appeared, there’s also a little discussion underneath from the guys at Screenrant, but it’s fairly spoiler filled, so proceed with caution, the trailer’s safe though.


A Nintendo Direct will be held late tonight (3p.m PT, works out to be about 11p.m here) on April First. Nintendo assures us that this is real and blah-di blah. So if you’re keen to watch it click here and bookmark it for tonight, if not, I’m sure we’ll find a run down for you tomorrow.

Sony have released their PSplus games for April, and they include Never Alone (PS4) Tower of Guns (PS3/PS4) Dishonored (PS3) Aaru’s Awakening (PS3/PS4) and Killzone Mercenary and Monster Bag for the Vita. Click here for summaries/trailers.

Assassins’ Creed Chronicles: China originally seemed like a sidescrolling adventure that you only got to experience if you bought the Unity season pass, but not any more. it’s actually the first in a trilogy of sidescrollers, each based around a new assassin and a new era/location. Looks exciting. 


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