Coffee Time News 07/04/15

Bad news for Top Gear and Twin Peaks fans, Good news for Star Wars, Daredevil and Ian Malcolm fans. Also a way to nerf Bloodborne’s bosses.


An image from Jurassic World has appeared which hints at either, an appearance from Ian Malcolm in the upcoming film, being set 22 years after the events of the original, or a small nod to the character. The image, which features books by the character titled ‘god creates Dinosaurs’ is a reference to Malcolm’s line in the film ‘God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.’ (Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth).

For the first time since its release, the entirety of the Star Wars series will be available via online distribution, including Itunes, Amazon and Google Play. The best thing? They include even more bonus features.

A gallery of on set photos for Deadpool has appeared, featuring the Merc with a Mouth laying down all kinds of whoopass. What’s interesting is that if you look closely on the eyes you’ll see CG markers, confirming that the mask will have some form of computer enhanced expression, something that will add to the character a lot more.


Bad news Top Gear fans, due to the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, and the uncertainty surrounding the show’s future at the moment, it’s looking like the final two episodes of the motoring/three guys arsing around show might not be airing on the BBC.

Bad news for Twin Peaks fans too, it looks like David Lynch has officially stepped away from the revival project, stating that as much as he loves the world of Twin Peaks, he feels that not enough money has been promised to the project to realise what he wanted for the show.

Good news, however, for Daredevil fans. The Netflix show kicks off this Friday, with all episodes available from day one, and here’s two trailers to get you in the mood, the best thing about these is that they show us so much more of the show. I’m very keen for Friday.


IGN brings you the first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in this Gameplay video, and for those worried that this might ruin the experience, game designer Damien Monnier has said that to do everything, you’re looking at 200+ hours. So, this is but a drop in the ocean.

April’s system update for Xbox One has begun rolling out, and if you’re not sure what you’re getting with that lovely lovely download, check out this video from Major Nelson detailing some of the ins and outs as well as what’s coming soon.

Bloodborne, it’s a tough game, but if you’ve got 12 hours to sit idling you can make the bosses in the game much, much easier. Bosses no longer do a huge variety of attacks, and some are laughably easy. Check out here for some comparisons and details.



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