5 Reasons Why Daredevil Will Be Awesome

By Joe Strange

This Friday sees the release of Netflix’s Daredevil, the first in a series of Netflix/Marvel works that will eventually end up with a Defenders series. The plan, as far as we know, is to have a more street focussed series that will centre around the civilians and the street level criminal and heroes, while the Cinematic universe deals with sentient AI, big government conspiracies and elves from space. (when you say that, Marvel does sound ridiculous doesn’t it?)

So, the question is this; will this series, the first in a run, be good enough to warrant your time, your Netflix subscription and your brain power, and more importantly, will it be better than 2003’s leather clad, evanescence filled nightmare?


Oh, you want some reasons? How about 5?

1) It should show the real effects of the Battle of New York

Daredevil, like most heroes in the Marvel universe, is based in New York. You might remember New York, it was the city that the majestic space whale died in after running into the Hulk’s fist.

New York, even the few blocks that didn’t get space-whaled, was hugely effected by the events of the Avengers, what with the armies of aliens and that near-miss nuclear strike… What I’m saying is that there’s going to be turmoil, and hopefully we’ll get to see a load of criminals fighting to get the top spot of the spoils of the battle. This could be what inspires Daredevil to go out and help save his city; Iron man and gang saved the world, sure, but so far we’ve not seen them do much on the ground (they even took a day off after, rude.) Perhaps Daredevil’s motivation is to do what the Avengers haven’t; to help clean up the mess. Which is great!

2) It will be darker than Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD got off to a rocky start, but when the events of the Winter Soldier became apparent it really hit its stride. The show has gone from strength to strength since then, but it’s still very much  a network TV show.

By joining up with Netflix Marvel allow themselves to tell a more mature and darker story, for a more mature and darker character. Aliens are fun, street crime and murders, not so much, and the darker tone will complement the story and hero really well. The kid gloves are off, there are no icers this time round, it’s going to be visceral and brutal, and we could use a bit more of that to bring some threat to the universe. Also, kill someone, for good, in the first season. Show them you mean business.

3) It’s going to be longer than a Marvel movie.

A dedicated, 13 episode run (similar to that of Agent Carter) means that the show’s story arc can be concise and well told. The characters can be developed gracefully and the storyline can be paced quicker than a normal 24 episode season and more gradual than a 2 hour film.

This is even better considering that this will be the kicking off point for the AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist series, they can layer in these heroes as they need to, making it seem organic and natural.

So, yeah, longer than a film, more concise than a long series that doesn’t know if it’ll be cancelled mid-season; I’m all about it.

4) Daredevil is a great character that should be brought into the MCU

I’ve mentioned before how Daredevil is more of a street level crime fighter, sticking up for the little guy and the like, as opposed to Tony Stark’s ‘that guy has my stuff, don’t take my stuff’ mission statement, but just because he’s flipping around Hell’s Kitchen on the weekdays doesn’t mean that’s all he does. He’s a key character in Civil War, siding with Captain America and the secret avengers. But more than his ability to fit in with both levels of heroes, he’s basically Batman.

Well, he’s not rich, and he can’t see… But unlike Batman he’s actually got BAT POWERS. I mean, sort of. Bat’s have echolocation, but so do dolphins… maybe he’s got dolphin powers? He’s an angry man who pushes himself to the limits of his abilities all in an attempt to keep his neighbourhood safe, he fights because he has to, not just because of guilt.

5) It’s NOT the 2003 Daredevil movie. 

This really should be reason enough.


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