Coffee Time News 10/04/15

New images galore for the Thing, Vision, Antman and Angel, as well as a 3rd season of Agents of SHIELD and Black Ops 3.


Let’s kick it off with the big ones; a load of artwork and images have appeared since Wednesday; first up is our first poster of Paul Bettany’s The Vision from Avengers Age of Ultron, next up is our first good look at Jamie Bell’s CGI The Thing from the upcoming Fantastic FourWe’ve also got a shot from Antman which not only shows off the official Yellowjacket costume and suit, but also a tiny tiny Scott Lang in his Antman suit and finally a little bit of concept art for the character of Angel/Archangel in Xmen Apocalypse.

It’s been over 10 years since 2004’s The Incredibles hit our screens, one of my personal favourite pixar movies that was calling out for a sequel. Well director Brad Bird has announced that he’s finally started working on a script for the sequel. 

Writers/Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street) are in popular demand at the minute, and it’s just been confirmed that they’re working on the story for the Flash solo film staring Ezra Miller, whether they’ll also direct it is unknown at the moment.


With the first episode of season 5 airing on Sunday night, Game of Thrones can be forgiven for a slew of promotional material, and today is no different, we have two new promos, one featuring the words of Littlefinger, while the second is all from the new High Sparrow, a character who takes issue with how the 7 kingdoms is treating the 7 gods.

The Haitian was one of the coolest characters in Heroes, sure, he was ridiculously over powered (power dampening and memory wipes?) and he definitely could have just hung around Sylar for the entire show and fixed literally everything, but that’s besides the point. Jimmy Jean-Louise is reprising the role in Heroes Reborn.

Agents of SHIELD is ‘all but assured’ to be getting a third season, which is cool, there’s also talk of a spinoff series, which little is known about, perhaps it will be similar to Agent Carter and run in the winter break? And finally, Daredevil‘s red costume has been revealed just in time for the show to start today.


Nintendo’s ink based shooter Splatoon for the Wii U, won’t have online voice chat, and we’ve only ourselves to blame, one of its creators put it down to their own experience with online shooters, and how it’s all very negative. This is why we can’t have nice things I suppose.

A teaser trailer has surfaced for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, with a major reveal coming out on April 26th. 

Destiny patch news, it’s been a while I suppose: heavy ammo drop rates are being lowered in the crucible to help with balancing, and there’s a new loot lock mechanic which allows you to keep hold of that loot you don’t want to ‘sell’ by locking it into your inventory.



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