Coffee Time News 21/04/15

New Jurassic World trailer, the Lego Movie Sequel gets brought forward and buy your own plushy monotone elcor!


The Lego Movie Sequel, as it’s creatively called, has had its release date brought forward, the sequel, penned again by Miller and Lord will now release on May 18th, 2018. Which is a long ways off, but we’ve got Lego Batman (Feb 10th 2017) to keep us busy until then (kind of).

More confirmation than news, but earlier last week we reported that writers Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LaFauve (Inside out) will now officially be writing the Captain Marvel script.

Big new trailer for Jurassic World, featuring a lot of unseen footage and, more importantly, a little better look at the narrative and story arc. Dino gets made, Dino gets mad, Dino gets friends to cause a raucous.


With the DC Cinematic Universe powering up, and with Suicide Squad on its way, Arrow is facing a slight conundrum. Will two of characters like Deathstroke and Amanda Waller (both due to be appearing in the Suicide Squad movie) mean that characters like that won’t be appearing in Arrow any more? In short, no, they’re still ‘on the table’. In long… well, click here.

Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood (Bobbi Morse and Hunter from Agents of SHIELD) will be headlining the spin off that has been talked about recently. As of yet we don’t know the story details, or whether or not this will be a separate season or an Agent Carter style midseason deal.

Game of Thrones episode 3 gets a teaser today too, stick around until the end for a neat surprise that book readers wouldn’t be expecting, and show watchers should be excited for.


Just a couple of things today for games; Halo 5 has a new trailer and it boasts Spartan Locke’s equipment, the catch? It’s a game stop exclusive, or at least, parts of his arsenal are.

In other space news, Mass Effect has some of the most inventive aliens in the genre, but a personal favourite is the Elcor, huge creatures who’s social cues are so subtle that they have to preface each sentence with their emotion to convey them. And now you can buy your very own plushy Elcor with voice box!


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