Joe and Sara talk Marvel’s Daredevil

It’s been eleven days since Netflix threw all 13 episodes of Marvel’s Daredevil at us, and it’s been eight days since resident marathon runners Joe and Sara finished the series. (Sorry, did we say runners? We meant watchers, running is frowned upon at Axby).

Now that there’s a higher chance that more people will have finished the series, it seems as good a time as any for them to let you know what they thought of the first instalment of the Netflix/Marvel team up.

How long did it take you to watch all 13 episodes?

Sara – Well, it took longer than I expected: 3 days.

Joe – Same here, I did 5 episodes, 4 episodes, then another 4. Considering I was working all weekend, I did nothing but Daredevil and bartend all weekend. I regret nothing.

The series isn’t a ‘monster of the week’ deal, and definitely had an overarching storyline, what did you think of the structure?

S – I think it was rather perfect the way it was. Whilst focusing on one main villain, who by the way was brilliantly written,

J – The focus on Fisk was incredible, with the longer run time they really had a chance to flesh out the team of antagonists, which is something that Marvel gets a lot of stick for; not having good villains, this proves they can do amazing characters regardless of where their morals lie.

Would you rather have seen more standalone villains?

S – The season subtly introduced the possibly of new characters and villains anyway. For instance, Stilt-Man, whom I hope to see in season 2, was mentioned, sort of.

J – Yeah, Charlie Cox has said he’d like to see Stiltman in season 2. Stiltman for Mayor.

S – If it gets picked up for another season that is.

J – I don’t think they’ll have much trouble getting a second for Daredevil, I’m thinking that maybe The Defenders will act as a combined second season for all four?

What did you think of the cast? Any characters really stand out for you?

S – Well of course I’m going to say Charlie Cox. Right ladies? Yes he was very handsome, and I mean very, but he also did a brilliant job.

J – I thought all the cast were great, as much as I loved Charlie Cox, who I agree, was an incredible Matt Murdock, I absolutely adored Vincent D’onofrio as Fisk, he was so human!

S – Even though the show was pretty dark, Foggy Nelson, played by Elden Henson, brought some well needed humour to the mix. And anyway, I’m a sucker for a good bromance.

J – Absolutely, the play between them was great, Wesley, played by Toby Leonard Moore was really great too. Not to mention all the side characters like Stick, (a complete badass) and Madam Gao, who were great. 

S – in the case of Charlie Cox,  I can imagine that having to portray a blind character must be challenging in itself, but playing a blind man who also happens to be a vigilante, now that’s something else entirely. The writers, directors, and Charlie himself, have portrayed blindness tremendously well as both a disability and as a plot mechanic.

J – Even if Netflix don’t do audio description for the visually impaired for the series…

How do you think it compares with Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter?

S – I’m a big fan of both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, but Daredevil is, in my opinion, in a completely different league. The level of detail put into Daredevil blew me away. From background props to the connections made to the larger Marvel universe.

J – I really liked the way they mentioned the destruction of New York as ‘an incident’ and how it drove down house prices and, well, caused the entire evil scheme to come into fruition.

S – And between Matt Murdock and Skye (from SHIELD) who were both brought up at the St. Agnes Orphanage. Bravo writers, bravo.

J – Considering SHIELD is all about the Inhumans at the minute, it seems like everyone’s forgotten about the people of New York. I thought this was a really good chance to show off the street heroes, and if he wasn’t such a huge name, would be a great way to introduce Spiderman.

 What did you think of Daredevil as a character and as a hero?

S – Daredevil isn’t your typical “hero”, which is probably why he’s becoming a fast favourite of mine. Unlike the Avengers who have proven their heroic worth, Daredevil has only begun to move from vigilante to hero.

J – He’s definitely a great character to see grow like we have, I think the suit evolution really helped move him from vigilante to hero, he’s also just a man right? The fight scenes show him getting tired and injured, it’s not -one-two-down- with Daredevil, it’s a lot more of an even field compared to that of a super soldier or god. But the fight scenes really were incredible. 

What other characters from the MCU would you like to see in these Netflix series?

J – Stiltman.

S – A Daredevil/Spiderman bromance is all I have ever wanted.

J – Daredevil/Spiderman/Stiltman bromance? 

S – In all seriousness though, we have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist up next on the Marvel-meets-television roster. All of which I am super stoked about. I’d love to see them subtly hint at different characters through each of their respective seasons, like Daredevil’s hint to Elektra. I don’t know about you but I’m praying that Black Widow gets a little mention.

J – Black Widow would be a nice shout out, but I suppose she’s all in the shadows and a spy and stuff, I’m not sure if it’ll happen. I did notice how no one in Hell’s Kitchen seemed to care much about the fall of SHIELD, I suppose they’ve got better things to worry about. I’m just really excited to see Iron Fist, they’ve already begun to craft that side of the world in the series and I’m keen for more

Okay guys, final question, was it better than 2003’s Daredevil?

J – Naah, can you really beat an Irish Bullseye? And I mean, that soundtrack, Netflix definitely could have used more Evenescence.

S – Don’t listen to him, it’s definitely binge-worthy and it’s miles ahead of the 2003 version. So, get to it, and let us know what you thought down in the comments.

J – I’m just going to go and watch it again, just to be safe.

S – 2003 or Netflix?

J – Netflix. I don’t hate myself that much.


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