Coffee Time News 22/04/15

A better look at the new Batmobile, Ewan McGregor to play a candelabra, and Daredevil gets a season 2 next year.


Batman Vs Superman will bring a lot to the table, but one of the most exciting thing any batman film has going for it is the new Batmobile, and now we’ve got a few new pictures of the car, which looks, just, really cool.

Speaking of images, along with the new trailer a few days ago, a load of hi-res stills from The Fantastic Four have turned up, showing off the main cast powers, including Dr Doom’s metal face.

Casting news! Ewan McGregor has been cast as Lumiere in The Beauty and The Beast, you know, that candle that sings the song about being their guest that was excellent parodied in the Simpsons to be about vests? Oh and Stanley Tucci (Captain America, The Hunger Games) will be playing a grand piano who’s not in Disney’s original.


The much talked about Flash/Arrow spinoff could have a name, with it being referred to as ‘Legends’ by actor John Wesley Shipp and Variety referring to it as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Which makes sense, they seem to be focussing on upcoming heroes (and dead ones, maybe a tomorrow/yesterday thing, with flash backs.)

John Stewart’s run of The Daily Show has an official end date, or end month at least; August, after which South African comedian Trevor Noah will take his place.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Daredevil has a second season on the way, coming to us in 2016, which is next year! If you’ve not caught up on the Netflix original, you bloody should, and then check out Sara and Joe’s discussion on the series. 


Good news for scorned Halo fans, the most recent update to the Master Chief Collection also brought about a release date for the remastered ODST, sort of. It’s coming some time next month, is what they said.

Also good news for Destiny players, House of Wolves, the second piece of DLC (Which won’t include a raid) WILL include a new social area, new characters and new upgrades to existing weapons. So, you know. It’s all good.

The newest piece of DLC for The Evil Within titled Consequences will begin rolling out today on Xbox and tomorrow on PSN.


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