Coffee Time News 24/04/15

The first Ant-man clip releases, the last Top Gear episodes will air later this year, and Bloodborne finally gets that load time patch.


Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in huge demand at the minute, what with them being at the forefront of two of the biggest comedies last year (The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street), and they’re now apparently due to write the treatment for an animated Spiderman movie (which will be separate from the MCU) for July 2018. No directors have been announced for the project, but there’s a chance that Lord and Miller could be filling that role, considering their penchant for animation, and comedy.

The release date for robot fighting monster sequel Pacific Rim 2 has been pushed back, from April 2017 to August of that year, most probably making the most of the summer blockbuster season. In other Universal news, Warcraft, the adaptation of the popular MMORPG will be pushed back too, from from March to June of 2016.

Well with the Avengers Age of Ultron officially out in all the countries that matter (oh, sorry about that America…) it’s time to look ahead, I guess, to Antman, which is good, because here’s a clip showcasing Scott Lang’s master thief skills.


We know that Wally West will most likely be making an appearance in season 2 of the Flash, but could that character then be moving onto join the spin off series that’s being pieced together as the weeks go on? Maybe.

If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes and fancy hearing Charlie Cox talk about his time on Daredevil and the future of the show, Flickering Myth have an exclusive interview with the incredibly charming Brit.

Those of you who are Top Gear fans will be happy to know that the final few Clarkson filled episodes of the motoring magazine show that were filmed before the firing of host Jeremy Clarkson will be shown later this year.


Bloodborne players rejoice, the most recent patch has reduced load times by 5 -15 seconds, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering we were looking at 40 second load times, it is. Add onto that the fact that From Software now layer the loading screens with useful item information will mean that those loading screens should go by a little quicker.

House of Wolves, the next DLC for Destiny will reportedly fix many of the issues that long term players of the game have been suffering from, read up here on the information that was released in a recent live stream, including weapon upgrading changes and currency alterations.

Marvel has its hands in a lot of pies at the minute; film, tv, netflix, there’s probably a Stiltman radio drama out there too, but one thing they’ve not done is a good video game, well, until now, maybe? Telltale games are almost universally loved, and what better team up to have with a studio that is looking to focus on character driven stories than the guys behind the Walking Dead video game?


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