Coffee Time News 29/04/15

First scenes from Macbeth starring Fassbender, Just Cause 3 gets a gameplay trailer and The Muppets are coming back to television!


The final trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is out before the film’s release on May 15th and it’s all about survival, gasoline and a robotic hand. The latest entry into the Mad Max franchise stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult.

Some still images for the Macbeth adaptation from director Justin Kurzel have appeared featuring stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, in preparation for its showing at the Cannes film festival.

Joss Whedon has admitted that the Marvel TV shows do ‘complicate’ the creative process of making the Marvel films, referencing the death of Coulson and the fall of SHIELD. Interestingly Joe wrote a piece talking about this only yesterday.


Fans of the Muppets look out, ABC is developing a new series for the puppet gang, (presumably after the lacklustre performance of Muppets Most Wanted) and Bob Kushall has been sharing shots from the show that will apparently ‘explore the personal lives’ of everone’s favourite Muppets.

Starship Troopers, the hilarious, ridiculous and most excellent 1999 sci-fi film which features a young telepathic NPH and giant bugs from space, could be getting a television reboot, it’s in the works, but will it feature an older, telepathic Neil Patrick Harris?

Gotham’s first season is nearly over, and on top of the images from last week we’ve got a new promo which shows off what we can expect from the season Finale titled ‘All Happy Families are Alike.’ With a neat little tease about Bruce Wayne’s dad. Is he alive? Was he Batman? Was he Ben Affleck?


Do you fancy playing absolutely everything in Batman Arkham Knight ? Well to do that you’ll need a season pass, which will run you a small fee of $40, on top of the $60 game, you’re looking at a $100 (maths) for one game. The DLC will be rolled out over six months after the release of the game.

Four years after the launch (heh) of Kerbal Space Program as an Alpha, the game is finally finished. Well, it’s out of the Beta anyway, check out a launch (heh) trailer for the game here.

Also in trailers, take a look at this trailer for the explosion filled, physic defying, mayhem simulator Just Cause 3. The second one filled many an hour at University just, destroying things, tying things to other things…. It’s good mindless fun, here’s hoping the third is more of the same.


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