Coffee Time News 04/05/15

First look at Will Smith’s Deadshot from Suicide Squad, Batgirl is playable in Arkham Knight and Star Wars Rebels is free to watch today.


Michael Fassbender, who’s both producing and starring in the Assassins’ Creed movie adaptation, has stated that the movie will begin filming this September, aiming for a late December 2016 release. Fassbender has been quiet on where, or when, the animus sections of the film will be based in.

Suicide Squad! (Or as it will most likely be renamed, I imagine, Task Force X) director David Ayer has released a roster photo of the gang from Belle Reve, showing us the first look at some of the anti-heroes we’ll be meeting, including Katana and Killer Croc amongst the characters we’ve already heard about. And if you’d like a detailed look at Will Smith’s Deadshot, just click here for an image that includes the signature helmet/mask.

Fantastic Four and Chronicle director Josh Trank has stepped back from directing the second Star Wars Anthology Spin off that was due out in 2018. We knew little of the project, and we know little of the departure, though Trank has stated that he’s intending to pursue original creative opportunities’ – after working with Fox on a brand like Fantastic Four, it’s no surprise he’d like to take a break from franchises and the pressure therein.


If we’d known about this earlier, we’d have shared it at the beginning of the week, but for those who haven’t seen Star Wars Rebels you can watch the entire season 1 for free online here, until the end of May 4th Bank Holiday.

Grodd is a character that has been built up in the Flash since the pilot, well the super intelligent telepathic ape is about to make a spotlight appearance in the upcoming episode ‘Grodd Lives’ – you can check out the promo here.


People might know how much I loved Child of Lightand how addictive that world is, and while Ubisoft haven’t confirmed a sequel, but they have let us revisit the world, in this 20 page children’s book, featuring the adventures of Reginald the Populi.

Fancy slaying dragons in Dragon Age Inquisition‘s multiplayer? Well you’re in luck, launching tomorrow (on all available platforms) is a multiplayer expansion which will allow groups of players to take on the fiercest beats in Thedas.

Still think £40 for a season pass for Batman Arkham Knight is a bit steep? What if I told you it included a stand alone story featuring Batgirl named ‘a matter of family’? Yeah, it’s still pretty steep… but if more narrative content is included and less… trial maps, then I’m all about it.


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