Coffee Time News 05/05/15

The second Star Wars Spin off will be a Bobba Fett Origin, we learn more about Gwendoline Christies Force Awakened character and Nintendo apologises for being so popular.


Days after we learn of the departure of Josh Trank from the second Star Wars Anthology film (with the first being Rogue One due out next year) we learn what the film’s focus will be and no surprises, everyone called it; we’re getting a Bobba Fett origin story folks. That’s right, everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (who’s kind of awful at his job) is getting his own film.

After great critical and public approval, it looks like John Wick starrin Keanu Reeves will be getting a sequel, Lionsgate announced, stating that not only will Reeves be returning, but so will the pair of directors behind the first film as well as the screenwriter.

Star Wars the Force Awakens has been getting a lot of publicity thanks to the unofficial ‘May the Fourth’ holiday, and today, (on revenge of the fifth) we get a better look at Gwendoline Christie’s character; Captain Phasma. It looks like she’s an imperial officer, but the actress has been seen training with a lightsaber… So… sith?


The Simpsons will be on the air until at least 2017, thanks to a 2 season renewal by Fox. Will this show ever end? Probably not, it hasn’t after 26 seasons (These two newly announced ones will bring the total to 28) so I doubt it.

Tim Kring (of Heroes fame) and his studio, Imperative Entertainment has teamed up with Black Mask Studios to bring a television adaptation of the comic series MAYDAY, which sees two friends attempting to stop the apocalypse in L.A.


Those worried that Star Wars Battlefront might be lacking in content need not worry about the number of maps, as there will be 12 multiplayer maps out of the box, with (I’m sure) more in the way of DLC further down the line.

Sega of America won’t be attending E3 this year. so you know what that means, no half assed sonic games! Though, if you’re sad about that, try not to be, because remember that Bethesda have a panel this year, which could mean… you know… Fallout 4?

Nintendo has officially apologised for their underestimation of the popularity of Amiibos, releasing a statement promising to up production and keep the figures affordable all the while.


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