The 5 most Dangerous Video Game Politicians

Today’s the day, the most exciting day for to take place in five years. Yes that’s right I’m talking about the elections for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in which the Members of Parliament for Westminster are selected and with it some form of government can be formed.

Ok, so maybe politics aren’t everyone’s main interest (but you should still vote), or maybe you’re reading this from overseas (in which case Nigel Farage already hates you [sorry I need to remember to remain unbiased]) and you don’t really care who wins as as far as you’re concerned we have a Royal Family (that just got a little larger) and that’s all that matters. But to make things here a little more tangible in relation to political figures in a position of power I present a list of those who aren’t tangible, but are harmful to your well-being in their respective videogame.

*Also minor spoilers, although nothing major from the past five years*

Saren Arterius Mass Effect

Saren isn’t a politician, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t political. His public role might have been that of Spectre, an elite operative answering directly to the Citadel Council, but behind the scenes he was much more powerful than that. During the first Mass Effect  you are trying to prevent Saren’s attempts at gaining control of power and influence in the galaxy in order to achieve his aims. Like any good political figure his intentions aren’t always clear, and his means to an end are questionable.

Andrei Ulmeyda Killer7

An obscure entry now, but not too surprising coming from me, is a bizarre individual from the bizarre Killer7. Ulmeyda after gaining assistance from the Japanese United Nations Party creates his own utopian society in the middle of the Texan wasteland. After learning that his life is in danger makes a dramatic announcement on TV calling for assistance from the titular Killer7, to the backdrop of a stadium exploding (which he seemed very excited about). In Killer7 the main adversary are the terrorists known as Heaven Smile, who are essentially brightly coloured zombies that explode on impact, and like zombies it is an infection. Except Ulmeyda has managed to cure himself and has distributed his own blood throughout his utopia via his company First Life. Except when the US government interferes things get very messy very quickly, and by messy I mean bloody. Ulmeyda is given an overdose turning him into a Heaven Smile and in the process his blood erupts from him killing everyone else in the immediate area. Leaving you to fight this walking abomination that is still rocking a sweet afro.

The Illusive Man Mass Effect 2 and 3

Yes another figure from Mass Effect but how can I ignore futuristic space Nigel Farage [sorry, last time]. Sure he wears nice suits, makes smoking look cool (even though I thought people would only be vaping by then, so it must be a style decision), and has the bluest eyes, but he’s also a space racist (as in he hates non-humans). Unfortunately it’s hard to hate him as firstly he brings you back from the dead, so you kind of owe him, but he’s also the only one who believes you about the Reaper threat, as the “media” (bloody liberals) have covered it up. So it’s up to you how much you want to get on board with this individual who supposedly only has humanity’s best interests at heart. Also he is voiced by Martin Sheen who has famously played a President of the United States previously. Speaking of which…

Solidus Snake (George Sears) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

I was always going to include someone from the Metal Gear series, but who better to choose for this particular list than the 43rd President of the United States. After the Shadow Moses Incident that took place in the first Metal Gear Solid Sears was removed from the presidency by the Patriots due to his background involvement (a secret organisation that controls nearly everything in the Metal Gear world), although the reason given to public was that he had simply resigned. During the events of MGS2 Sears reveals his true self as the third clone of Big Boss (the original Naked Snake) from the Les Enfants Terribles project. Solidus is another individual who has the best of intentions (in this case bringing down the Patriots, although this isn’t always clear) but this would result in dramatic ramifications for the world as a whole.

Gandhi Civilization series

Gandhi might be remembered in the real world for his peaceful calls for independence, but for those of us who have played Civ know he is not to be trusted. He will focus his civilisation on just a couple of cities, except these will quickly grow and become powerhouses as he can concentrate his nation’s resources without spreading them out amongst a more diverse empire. He s also oddly fond of nuclear weapons, whilst not all that dissimilar to the real India (which is one of the few countries in the world to possess them), the difference is Gandhi isn’t afraid to use them when pushed.

*Honourable mention: Napoleon (Civilization) just because he will claims to be your ally for the first part of a playthrough, asking you to help him with his wars, then one day suddenly he turns on you claiming to have always hated you and that you can now expect his forces on your border any moment now. What a….


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