Coffee Time News 11/05/15

The Incredibles 2 is next on Brad Bird’s to do list, Gotham to focus on the Joker next season and The Witcher 3 Leaks early.


Brad Bird (Tomorrowland, The Incredibles)  has said that once his run on his newest Disney film, Tomorrowland, is done he’ll be turning his attention to his next project, which will most likely be a sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles, one Pixar movie that has been crying out for a sequel.

It’s finally happening folks, James McAvoy will be BALD for Xmen Apocalypse, whether this will be through choice, some mutant attack, or just MPD, we don’t know, though if he’s tasked with hunting down mutants again using Cerebro, he may choose to shave his head, as you may remember from Xmen First Class, Hank (beast) thinks this would help him. Anyway, looks great, kind of looks like a young Patrick Stewart.

Just to keep you pumped about Jurassic World which is due out on the 12th of June, we’ve got another TV trailer, with a bit more dialogue, a bit more action, but similar beat to the first one we saw all those months ago.


Gotham season 2 will focus heavily on the Joker, according to showrunner Bruno Heller. Heller states that the first part of the upcoming season will centre around the ‘proto-joker’ who we saw played by Cameron Monaghan earlier this season, and will tell the story of how the Joker came to be.

Netflix’s next Marvel series AKA Jessica Jones has a new title teaser, but also a new synopsis, one that confirms that Jones will not be new to having super powers, and will actually have done her time as a hero, before an incident caused her to go into the private detective game.

New images from Heroes Reborn all but confirm that Zachary Levi’s character will be evil (look at those dark clothes, that murky background, that gun he’s probably pointing at a puppy.) as well as some images from returning and new characters. Heroes Reborn will release this autumn.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is due out next week (May 19th) but some stores have sold early copies, as such spoilers are now abounds on the web, so watch out for those if you wanted to go into the game fresh. Streaming site Twitch has issued an embargo on streaming the game, with some users being banned for breaking this ‘no streaming before May 19th’ rule.

Towerfall Ascension, one of the most fun multiplayer experiences out there, will release its first expansion The Dark World tomorrow in the US on PS4 and PC, with it rolling out to European consoles ‘a few days later’. The expansion introduces new arrow types, heaps of new levels and 4 player co-op for maximum insanity. (we’re pretty excited.)


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