Coffee Time News 12/05/15

Hateful Eight Images, Batwing Concept Art, A heap of new season trailers, and Fallout 4 seems closer than ever…


Jurassic World, it’s less than a month away, so I guess we’re all full steam ahead on the ol’ promotional material, because right here over at Flickering Myth we’ve got four new TV spots for the next film in the ‘life finds a way’ saga.

The Hateful Eight, is also going into full swing, EW have a gallery of great looking behind the scenes shots of Tarantino’s next piece. They’re all here; Kurt Russell, Samuel El Jackson, Copious amounts of violence (probably).

We know from that trailer we saw that the Batwing will make an appearance in Batman Vs Superman, well now two pieces of concept art for the plane/aircraft have been put out, take a look here and here for different angles of the vehicle (which totally kills those two dudes in that trailer.)


Three new season trailers for you; the first is a season 3 trailer for Orange is the New Black which is due out on Netflix on June 12th (a month away), the second is for Minority Reportwhich will air on Fox this fall, and is based on the film from Spielberg (obviously) and the third is for Lucifer which features the king of hell wanting to take a break, and the chaos that ensues, I guess.


You know Fallout 4? That game that everyone in the world should be excited for? (According to Joe) Well, rumours have been filling the internet, and no more than the recent leaked image of a graphic artist working on a trailer for the game for Mirada studios, now, in light of this, Mirada have emailed Destructoid (one of those who broke the story) stating that this image was violating a Non Disclosure Agreement. So… We’ve definitely getting a Fallout 4 trailer soon right?

A year ago, Assassins’ Creed Unity was causing a to-do because playing as a female character just wasn’t an option, well, Ubisoft seem to be righting their wrongs, as it’s rumoured that you’ll be able to play as a lady in the upcoming entry Assassins’ Creed: Syndicate.


One thought on “Coffee Time News 12/05/15”

  1. The CGI angel always ruining everything (see Constantine)… Aside from that, this Lucifer series looks interesting, I will keep it in my radar (and then Fox will cancel it).

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