Coffee Time News 13/05/15

Oscar Winner Redmayne in talks to lead Harry Potter Spin off, Assassins’ Creed Syndicate gets trailer and footage and The Muppets get a TV trailer.


Eddie Redmayne (You know, he won an Oscar for The Theory of Everything?) is in talks with WB to star in the Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and is apparently top of the list for the lead character, and author of the fictional book, Newt Scamander.

A commemorative print for the Hunger Games franchise has appeared with some link to the Cannes film festival, it features the Everdeen sisters looking all surly and district 13-y.

Marvel is courting Selma director Ava DuVernay to helm a ‘diverse’ phase 3 movie. Now, our money is on Black Panther, however, Captain Marvel also doesn’t have a director, so it could be that stand alone. It’s one or the other really.


The new Muppets television show, called, aptly, The Muppets, has a new trailer, and it seems to be going for a 30 Rock/The Office hybrid, with all that humour we’re used to seeing in The Muppets, with added satire. (Gonza hates gimmicks)

Morena Baccarin, who plays Leslie Thompkins in Gotham, will be a series regular in season 2, it’s been reported. This should allow Baccarin to sink her teeth into some more in depth characterisation with more of a focus next season.

Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter both got renewed for new seasons last week, and now we have synopsis for the latter courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. (Agent Carter) – Dedicated to the fight against new atomic age threats in the wake of World War II, Peggy must now journey from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous assignment yet. But even as she discovers new friends, a new home — and perhaps even a new love — she’s about to find out that the bright lights of the post-war Hollywood mask a more sinister threat to everyone she is sworn to protect.


Batman has a sniper rifle in Arkham Knight! Okay, it’s actually a long range disruptor that you can use to disable enemy weapons before you engage them (so you don’t get shot in your Bat-butt) but still, if people see Batman on a rooftop with a gun… well people will talk…

Ubisoft have seemingly delayed Tom Clancy’s The Division until fourth Quarter 2015, which is actually Jan-March 2016. Which is a shame, though, delays are normally for the best.

The big news of the day is obviously the release of the trailer and gameplay (pre-Alpha) footage of Assassins’ Creed Syndicate; based in pre-industrial London, the game will focus on the struggles of Assassin Jacob Frye, who is trying to cause a revolution by working from the streets up to the highest of the highs, knocking templars off of the rungs as he climbs the ladder of family. (or something, family seems to be a running thing here.) Also, he’s got a grappling gun now, sort of. Also a Zip line maker, could be fun.


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