Coffee Time News 13/05/15

The hunt for a Spiderman could be nearing an end, Legends of Tomorrow gets a neat new trailer, as does Lego Jurassic Park, where you can play as dinosaurs!


The third film in the rebooted (and well received) franchise Planet of the Apes, which started in 2011 with Rise(otPotA) and went on to Dawn(otPotA) in 2014 could be called War of the Planet of the ApesBASICALLY, it looks like shit is going down in the third instalment, because… war.

As we all know, rumours are sometimes baloney and sometimes they’re right on the money, well for some time now Asa Butterfield (Enders Game) has been in talks for the role of Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now it looks like a deal is about to be struck. What this means is that we’re likely to see a much younger Spiderman than we’ve seen before, with the character reportedly being only 15/16 years old when we meet him in Captain America Civil War.

Speaking of Civil War, we’ve got some behind the scenes photos from the filming that started this week; some scenes of a slum village (possibly connected to the Hulk out in Age of Ultron, or Wakanda) and a period style London (A flash back almost definitely) but most intriguing is a funeral scene with many SHIELD agents and known people in attendance, including Captain America, Falcon and Agent 13. Could this be a death that kicks off the entire civil war? Could be.


Here’s a poster and a load of cast images for Heroes Reborn, it turns out that there are a lot of characters involved that we’ve seen literally nothing of, also, another 2 images of Zachery Levi’s character holding a gun; he’s definitely evil.

The Simpsons was recently renewed for a 27th and 28th season, but they won’t be doing so with a full cast, as voice actor of over 37 characters, including Smithers, Mr Burns and Flanders (not to mention Skinner and Otto) Harry Shearer has left after not signing on to the new contract.

Legends of Tomorrow the Arrow/Flash spinoff starring heroes and not so heroes from the main shows as well as new characters including Rip Hunter and Hawkgirl, has its first synopsis and trailer, it looks fun; there’s time travel, humour, Randall Savage… It should be a good time, and will fill in the mid season break in early 2016.


Let this be a lesson to you folks, if you leak footage and information from a game that you were given access to through testing, you will get banned for live. As some Gears of War players found out when they woke up to find their XBL accounts had been banned with regards to the upcoming Gears of War game for Xbox One.

Lego Jurassic World hits in less than a month (June 12th) and this new trailer confirms that you will be able to play as the dinosaurs. (Dibs on the anklyosaurus, that guy is dope.)

Hey, a AAA game is on its way from Ubisoft (Psst, it’s Assassins’ Creed Syndicate) and as such you can expect a plethora of collectors editions, and because the game is based in London, they have silly London names, like Big Ben edition or, and I kid you not; Charing Cross Edition.


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