Coffee Time News 01/06/15

Lumberjanes comic to be adapted to live action, Tron 3 cancelled and Shirley to return to Community?


Ahead of the official announcement later this week, the shortlist for the new Spiderman has been narrowed down to six possible candidates those are: the much talked about Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game), as well as Tom Holland (The Impossible), Judah Lewis (Demolition), Matthew Lintz (Pixels), Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire) and Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society).

Lumberjanes which is a great, charming and funny comic by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson (with illustrations by Brooke A. Allen). It features a group of five girls who, while at scout camp, fight monsters and creatures and brain washed boyscouts. It’s also the latest in the live action adaptation tidal wave from 20th Century Fox.

Well Grid fans, it looks like we won’t be seeing Tron 3 any time soon, with Disney pulling the plug on the project after the lacklustre response to Tomorrowland and the fact that Tron Legacy wasn’t a huge commercial success. Which is an absolute bummer, man.


The newest batch of behind the scenes photos for AKA Jessica Jones features Krysten Ritter partaking in one of the oldest tricks in the book; leaping onto a pile of rubbish bags and hoping no one threw anything sharp away this week. 

Yvette Nicole Brown could be returning as Shirley for the season 6 finale of Community. Having been absent for the majority of this season due to a family illness Nicole Brown has expressed interest in returning to the show, and now she could be getting that wish.

Penny Johnson Jerald, who plays the police captain in Castle, Victoria Gates, will not be returning for season 8. It’s not a mutual thing either, it seems, as Jerald stated on twitter that it was a surprise to her.


Did you buy the Halo Master Chief Collection? Did you feel betrayed and let down? Would a remastered version of ODST fix that for you? Well it’s worth a shot, the remastered Xbox360 game is now available for all those who bought HMCCs before December 19th last year.

In a sneaky Japan only Nintendo Direct, a new Monster Hunter game for the 3DS has been announced, with a new trailer. It features new monsters, new weapons and new attacks.



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