A look back at E3 2014

Last year here at Axby we covered the biggest videogame event of the year E3. The same will be happening again this year. E3 is only three days, now starting with a special Super Smash Bros Digital Event before Bethesda has their first ever E3 conference, but for now I want to draw attention to some of the games that were revealed in some capacity that have yet to have been released.


Halo 5: Legends

Bits of news have been drip fed throughout the past 12 months, including a multiplayer beta. In the past couple of days a couple of interesting pieces have come out, continuing the trend of more pre-E3 news (likely to avoid the risk of leaks), this being the return of ODST Edward Buck played by Nathan Fillion and that all of the maps packs will be free. Expect there to be more information revealed, hopefully showing off something from the campaign.

Phantom Dust

Remember Phantom Dust? Well it was an odd announcement, considering it was a pretty obscure original Xbox title. Turns out the game wasn’t very far along when the trailer was shown. Since then the developers asked for more money to meet Microsoft’s requirements for the game, Microsoft said no and promptly cancelled the game. Next time don’t reveal a game that you aren’t going to support.


The reboot wasn’t much of a surprise, but like Phantom Dust only a CG trailer was provided, and since there has been very little update as to what is happening with this. Crackdown was an enjoyable game, and with the advancements in online connectivity and streaming it could do even better now. So actual gameplay would be appreciated.


Again CG trailer only, and little news (this is the trend of this article). Then again this is being made by Platinum Games, aside from The Legend of Korra game, have a great track record with their games, even if they don’t have massive commercial success. However given Microsoft’s actions with Phantom Dust you’ll forgive me for being apprehensive about seeing and/or hearing more.

– Editor’s Note: It’s since been announced that Scalebound and Crackdown won’t be appearing at E3, instead a presentation will be held at Gamescon later in the year. Make of that what you will.


Star Wars: Battlefront

Yes there was that trailer that came out during the Star Wars celebrations last month. But the trailer was created using the engine, and not from actual gameplay. We still don’t really know what it will be like to play, and there are still concerns given EA’s role and the deviations that have already been announced differentiating it from the previous entries. Expectations are high and DICE will be feeling the pressure. I expect there will be a gameplay demo, and I do not envy the poor person/people who will be doing it.

Mass Effect 4 and new BioWare IP

EA decided last year was a good time to tease Mass Effect 4, with the series director Casey Hudson providing a moody description of their ambitions for the game, as well as hinting at a new IP from BioWare. However just recently Hudson has left to go work with Microsoft on their HoloLens, which does cause concern over the future of Mass Effect 4 and this new IP, as it wasn’t overly clear what role Hudson had. Plus the fact that there has been no real news since E3. This year EA either need to provide some substantial information, or just say that we’ll hear more when it is appropriate.

Criterion Games new IP

I remember the far too long video detailing Criterion’s new extreme sports game, it looked rough (as is expected from early development) but it also didn’t seem all that interesting. Maybe that is why we haven’t heard anything since. Like with BioWare, unless EA has anything tangible, don’t bother.

Mirror’s Edge

Just in the last week it was revealed that the next Mirror’s Edge was getting a fancy subtitle; Catalyst. It seems that the new entry will be a prequel, so does this mean that it will act as the catalyst for the governmental system present in the original Mirror’s Edge?


The Division

It was meant to come out later this year, but has recently been pushed to next year. This is for the best, as last year Ubisoft had a pretty awful record with the games that it released in the second half of last year. Whilst on the whole things have been relatively quiet, given the ambitious nature of it and the comparatively cautious approach towards its marketing, I’m more confident with what will be shown.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Members of the larger press have spent a bit of time with the game in the runup to E3, and have been largely positive about their experiences. I would like to know whether there is a story campaign aspect to the game, or whether it is just about the multiplayer. If it is the latter it would be a shame, as I really enjoyed the previous entries and was looking forward to Patriots which was cancelled and replaced by Siege.


No Man’s Sky

Whilst it hasn’t gone completely quiet, with there being a couple of trailers during the past 12 months, there is still so much more to learn about the game. Although people mostly (myself included) just want to get their hands on it. But given the nature of this game, if it’s not ready it will not be enjoyable. The algorithms and the servers need to be ready, as there is a whole universe it has to support.

Let It Die

Looking back this is possibly the one I’m most worried about not having heard anything about since. To refresh you this is a free to play game from Suda 51, creator of Killer7 and No More Heroes, that has a Grim Reaper on a skateboard as its logo. Really any information will do (despite what I said about certain EA games), is it still in development? What is Suda up to?

The Last Guardian

Just because. I don’t think anyone will be happy until it actually comes out. Which it will, right?


Zelda Wii U

In case you weren’t aware it’s been delayed, and Nintendo have said they aren’t going to be talking about it at E3 as a result, but there will still be something, surely?

Star Fox

This was teased with a video showing Miyamoto playing the game, but with the screen blurred out. Really that’s about as much as we know about it. Given the current lack of “big” titles set to grace the Wii U, a new Star Fox would be appreciated.

Miyamoto Projects

During the Treehouse events during the E3 stage show Nintendo showed off two games that Miyamoto had been working on that utilise the GamePad, these being Project Robot and Project Guard. They were both still in a fairly rudimentary state, but were functional. However we don’t know whether further work has gone into these two games, whether they have been incorporated into something else, or dropped altogether. If Nintendo doesn’t announce anything, you can expect Nintendo to be questioned on their whereabouts.

So this has been a catch up on most (but not all) of the games that were announced or received more information about last year that we are still waiting on. The hope for this year, and given that all of the consoles have settled in, is that the announcements will be more tangible. Hopefully less CG trailers for games that barely exist, and at least gameplay trailers for the games that are supposedly releasing later this year.

You can find the main Conference Schedule here and the times for UK here

Finally you can follow me on Twitter @CrazyBlue where I will undoubtedly be tweeting about the various conferences in a sleep deprived coffee fueled state.


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