EA and Ubisoft E3 2015

The EA and Ubisoft conferences, despite being part of the main fixtures, always feel like the odd ones out. They’re big enough to warrant a show that is at least an hour long, yet they never succeed in justifying why, what’s more there is the problem that many of their announcements could have appeared at one of the console holders conference, or in fact have already done so. Some years are better than others, but this wasn’t a pleasurable experience, unless you’re really into sports. The comments on Twitter were what helped get me through. Below are the highlights and nothing more.


Mass Effect Andromeda

Holiday 2016. That’s basically all we can take from the trailer. It looked cool, and from some of the news surrounding it the game takes place long after the original trilogy.


EA is publishing a yarn based game. Turns out developers that aren’t Nintendo can do so. Expect to hear more about this charming game.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

There will be six new character classes and a new mode called Graveyard Ops which is essentially a zombie version of Garden Ops. There will also be single player options available which will be populated by bots, and split screen is possible as well. You will also be able to transfer progress from the previous game, and the game will be supported with free content updates. It is scheduled for sometime in Spring 2016.


Followed by “Let’s talk about mobile” which Twitter instantly replied with “let’s not!”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The big news was that the game is free to explore, there are no loading screens, the city is yours to explore. How this will actually work is not quite clear, but interesting though. It also has a launch date of 23rd February 2016.

After more sports…

Star Wars Battlefront

After what felt like an eternity, I never what to watch an interview with Pele in my life ever! We got to what we’ve all been waiting for, gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront. The footage is supposedly running on the PS4, and did look very impressive. No complaints, but I am still hesitant to get too excited until I hear from more people who have actually played it. Look forward to (or not) to 17th November.


South Park The Fractured But Whole

Ubisoft purchased the rights to South Park The Stick of Truth after the demise of THQ. This new game is a sequel to The Stick of Truth but has a superhero theme to it this time round. Although previous developers Obsidian aren’t involved, instead it is Ubisoft San Francisco. Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on stage and helped kick off proceedings. Unfortunately they were the peak.

For Honor

Why did they leave out the “u”, they’re Canadian, they also spell things with u’s in them. Even though they showed off live gameplay it’s still not quite clear what the game is. Essentially you can play as knights, vikings, or samurai, against another warrior type. You’re also supported by AI troops, making the game seem like it is blend of Dynasty Warriors.

Rainbow Six Siege

Another mode was announced, this being the return of Terrorist hunt. They also announced that there is a Beta starting on 24th September.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Aside from a new trailer (non-gameplay) there is nothing else to say about it, it’s absence from this list would only pose unnecessary questions.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

The final announcement of the Ubisoft’s show. Whilst it had a niggling feel of a Tom Clancy game, it wasn’t until the end when the name was revealed that we knew what was actually being shown. Turns out they have turned Ghost Recon into an open world always online game. Basically think The Crew but instead you hunt down drug gangs.

Unfortunately both shows ultimately felt like disappointments. They announced very little of tangible interest, and could have easily been incorporated into other shows, or had the announcements made individually throughout the overall show.


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