Sony E3 2015

Time differences suck. The Sony conference ended at 3:30am here, but it thankfully it ended up being a show that was the most memorable so far. In recent years Sony have learned the key to generating good will, and this was on full display last night. It was the same length as the Microsoft conference, but revealed less overall. However the show also had a much better pace, only overwhelming people with the sheer magnitude of the announcements themselves. Talking of which:

The Last Guardian(!)

It’s back! The Last Guardian is still alive and it is coming sometime in 2016. Unsurprisingly it is now coming to the PS4 and the bird dog creature is just as endearing. There isn’t much more that can be said, but it was possibly the best way Sony could have started the show.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

How do you follow up The Last Guardian? Well announcing a new IP from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games isn’t a bad way to go. Horizon: Zero Dawn is set in the distant future where society has reverted back to tribes, but the technology of old is still sprinkled around, meaning high powered bows, which are necessary as the land is dominated with large robotic animals. What was shown off gave the game a visual style reminiscent of the criminally underrated Enslaved game.


Hitman hasn’t had much luck of late, it had that dreadful trailer with the nuns, then the game itself wasn’t well received. However the new trailer was slick, even though it didn’t reveal much.

No Man’s Sky

Actual gameplay was demonstrated with a brand new planet discovered just for E3. Then they showed off just how bloody massive its universe is. Still no release date, but Hello Games seem to know how to be able to impress whilst also trying to not overpromise.


This is the new game that Media Molecule (Little Big Planet, Tearaway) teased last year. As the title suggest it is about your dreams, so you can now recreate them in this game. It has a kind of claymation look to it, which to some is dreamlike, but for me personally I for some reason associate it more with nightmares. Regardless it does look very weird.


Ever wanted to be a park ranger? Well now you can, except there is more at play here.


The third expansion pack was officially confirmed, The Taken King, and will be released 19th September.

Assassin’s’ Creed Syndicate

Yesterday I said the EA and Ubisoft conferences didn’t really need to happen. This trailer proved it, as it showed off more than what was shown by Ubisoft, and what’s more the focus was finally on Evie.

Final Fantasy VII

What’s that, one megaton announcement not enough? How about Final Fantasy VII finally getting that remake you’ve all been clamouring for. Well it was announced, and is coming to PS4 first.

Shenmue 3

Damn Sony do we deserve another highly requested game? After waiting for 14 years Shenmue 3 has been announced. However, there is a caveat, it is being funded via Kickstarter. Although just prior to writing this it has already passed its original goal of $2million, so it will happen. It will be available for PC and PS4. Turns out for some dreams can come true.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

It’s a Call of Duty game, so the standard things were announced. Except, wait, this is the Sony conference, not the Microsoft one? Turns out Activision has jumped ship and are best friends with Sony. Now that DLC will come first to PlayStation and not Xbox.

Star Wars

First up was news regarding Disney Infinity 3.0, specifically the Star Wars packs Twilight of the Republic (the prequel pack) and Shadow of the Empire (original trilogy). It was revealed that PlayStation would be getting these first, as well Boba Fett first as well.

Then DiCE came to the stage to reveal more news about Star Wars Battlefront, specifically the offline component which has AI and split screen support for what is reminiscent of a horde mode.

Uncharted 4

This introduced the only glitch in the entire conference, but at least we knew that what we were now seeing was a live demo. This showed off the increased prominence of vehicles. Whilst they are not new in Uncharted the scenario shown off was unlike anything seen before in the series. And with that the show was over.


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