About Axby

Like most ideas, Axby came about in a room full of friends who were bored and looking for an outlet for creativity, opinions and just about anything else we found interesting in the big wide world of media, stories, and anything else we use to escape reality.

So now, instead of half a dozen independent projects, we have Axby. One big hive to discuss and share everything that we’re so passionate about.

Our goal on this site is simply to appeal to those like ourselves; from the big fans to the small fans, from casual gamers to hardcore gamers, from people who just watch shows and movies, to those who live movies and breath shows.

Being a small clan of writers and creators, we’re always looking for more heads to add to our team. If you’re interested in writing, drawing, or just sharing neat stuff then you can pop over to here to contact us.


Axby Editor

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