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Coffee Time News 7/07/15

Michael Cera to play Lego Robin, Deadpool returns to Steam and The Flash set pictures show that he’s got a day all to himself.


Ahead of its release… TODAY, Ant-man has three new clips for those of us who just can’t wait any longer!

Lord of the awkward character actor Michael Cera will be playing Robin in the Lego Batman movie that will tie in with the world created in the Lego Movie.

Age of Ultron fans, but those fans who wish that Joss Whedon’s vision and voice was a little more prevalent in the film, may be a little disappointed to hear that Whedon has no plans to do a directors cut of the film.


Behind the scenes photos for AKA Jessica Jones now, and like, literally all of the other photos it shows Luke Cage riding a motorcycle with Krysten Ritter’s Jones in tow.

A new teaser trailer for the new season of the X-files has hit, and it’s all exactly like we expected, complete with the doo-doo-doo-doo dooo at the end.

New set photos from the Flash show us two things; one that Central city is celebrating the Flash with a day imaginatively called ‘flash day’ (probably has a dance called Flash dance too right?) which means either he’s done something huge, or it’s the anniversary of him doing something huge. It also shows us a new villain, Atom Smasher, who can control his molecular structure, altering his size and strength.


Goat Simulator, you know, that game where you’re a crazed goat, is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in August and will support local split screen co-op.

Destiny will be getting an overhaul at the end of the summer, with Destiny 2.0 changes coming into effect, one of these is a huge upheaval of many weapon’s behaviours, from class changes to individual exotic tweaks.

Activision’s Deadpool game has been missing from Steam since 2013 when it was released, but suddenly it’s back, could it be because the new film doesn’t look like trash? Probably.


Coffee Time News 18/05/15

Crossbones’ Costume revealed, alternate Hulk Vs Ironman fight from Age of Ultron and David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks.


In case you missed it over the weekend, here’s a picture of Frank Grillo’s character Brock Rumlow from Civil War, only with a bit of a makeover; last seen recovering from serious wounds after fighting Falcon in The Winter Soldier, Rumlow will return in Civil War as Crossbones, who will almost definitely have a vendetta against cap and the gang.

One of the biggest draws for Age of Ultron was the Hulkbuster Vs Hulk fight, now I was pretty happy with how that scene went down, but here’s an alternate version in the form of an animated storyboard, of how that fight could have gone down; much more gas, less call backs to punching Thor in his big Norse face.

Mad Max Fury Road which has been receiving a lot of praise across the board for various reasons, has enjoyed over a box office opening of over £100 Million, sitting second place to Pitch Perfect 2.


Last week we reported the list of shows that would, and those that would not, be getting a season renewal come the fall, and on the latter list was The Mindy Project, but immediately after the cancellation there were whispers of an on demand service picking up the show, and those rumours turned out to be right on the money, as Hulu has picked the show up for a 26 episode run.

It’s been a wild ride for Twin Peaks fans since the announcement that the show would be returning again for another season; first excitement, then disappointment when David Lynch left the project, well breath easy fans, because Lynch is back on board, and not only that, but he’ll be directing the entire series, which will be longer than the 9 hours previously stated.

Greg Berlanti has discussed the possibility of The Flash and Arrow crossing over with CBS’ Supergirl, and has said that it’s most likely not going to happen. He says it could happen, but a lot of things would have to go right for it to.


Fans of indie games Octodad and Thomas Was Alone who play Little Big Planet 3 will be in for a treat, as costumes for both those games are coming to the creativity fuelled Playstation exclusive.

Want to play Super Smash Brothers but don’t own a WiiU? You only have a PC? Well Check in, Knock out could be what you’re looking for, featuring special abilities, destructible environments and charming art, this brawler could satiate your need. 

Here’s the Thing; There’s a Reason Behind Marvel’s Lacklustre Villains

By Joe Strange

Age of Ultron is out everywhere now folks! Now that America has finally caught up with us all, the rest of the world can finally talk about all the things we wanted to discuss this time last week.

What? It’s only been a day and I can’t talk spoilers yet? Oh fine.

I’ll just talk about how awesome Ultron is then…

Here’s the thing; Marvel has caught a lot of flak for having less-than-brilliant villains in the past, especially in phase 2: Killian was kind of vanilla in Ironman 3, and we won’t even mention what they chose to do to the Mandarin. In Thor The Dark World Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith was generic as could be, he was just an angry elf with abandonment issues. Even Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the best Marvel films to date, had a really lacklustre villain in Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) who acted like a spoilt child with anger management issues, you want to destroy Nova for what reason Ronan? Actually, I don’t care, because this tree can friggin’ talk.

So how does a studio with villains as bland as ‘angry pale leader’ and ‘angry blue leader’ also manage to pull out villains as great and relatable as Loki, or as terrifyingly hilarious as Ultron?

With Loki and Thor, the brothers were two parts of a whole; working off of each other as allies, and turning into enemies as the relationship was strained due to Thor’s rise to power and Loki’s belief that he should have been the true ruler of Asgard. This isn’t a relationship based on hate, as is many in the universe (Killian despises Tony for abandoning him, Malekith hated everything that wasn’t him, I think? He just wanted that ether to… get it into the plot I guess). There is a real relationship here, and when the brothers begin to part there’s not just anger, but a sense of betrayal. You feel connected to Loki, because Thor doesn’t start his journey as that great a guy, he’s arrogant and cocky, but while Loki lusts after power, Thor eventually earns his place, redeeming himself in the eyes of the audience, and while Thor takes the path of redemption, Loki goes off of the deep end. Quite literally.

Of course it helps that Tom Hiddleston is an incredible talent, and that Loki is a great character with whom the writers can do an awful lot with.

Compare this family feud with the Kree-Nova dispute in Guardians of the Galaxy: we don’t see any of this conflict, we’re told about it. We are, however, shown that Ronan is a fundamentalist, and that he’s consorting with the undesirables that we saw in the Avengers. The difference between Thor and Guardians, however, is quite simple; in Thor the main point of conflict in the film was the relationship between the brothers, whereas the entire point of Guardians was to throw this team together, they didn’t need a complex villain, they needed a common enemy, because there was conflict enough within the group.

Ironman 3 was looked upon less than favourably by a lot of people (Not me though, I’ll defend Shane Black till the end of days,) most notably for the mistreatment of one of the most iconic villains in Ironman’s rogues gallery, as well as for the… ‘meh’-ness of Aldrich Killian. Yes, they should have saved The Mandarin for another time, but the real opposing force in Ironman 3 isn’t Killian or the Extremis project, it’s Tony’s coping with his own shortcomings. It’s a film about battling inner demons, which is why a fellow from Tony’s past isn’t that bad a shout to kick off the plot.

At least, it wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t claimed to have been behind the whole damn thing and, while we’re at it, what the hell was with the fire breath? Is he a dragon? No? Then get it out of here.

When you look at Malekith’s role in The Dark World he’s little more than a McGuffin transporter. No one watched The Dark World for the leader of the Dark Elves, they watched it for the further development of the relationship between Thor and Loki and the shared universe that they’d invested in. Malekith is not a great villain, it’s true, but any amazingly developed antagonist would have detracted from the real driving force behind the film; Thor and Loki.

And woe betide anyone who gets in the way of the fans and Loki.

Which is where I think Marvel struck gold in using Loki as the main antagonist for the Avengers; here is a villain we already care about, that we have some sympathy for, and a team of people we need to see work together. By combining the two we get a film with some great character development and a great villain that the audience feels that they know just as well as the protagonists.

We see the reverse of this in Age of Ultron; we have an established team, we see from the opening scene that these characters are comfortable with each other and are still, at their core, the characters we last saw in their respective instalments, the development side of this is with Ultron; a villain who is every bit as snarky and clever as Tony Stark, but would never admit to being anything like his creator. We see Ultron’s literal growth through the film, his evolution from simple (or not so, as it might be) AI to a determined, power crazed lunatic, kind of like a certain man of Iron if he had dropped off of the deep end like Loki.

It’s Ultron’s view on the world, and more importantly, of the established team, that makes him an engaging villain, in the same way that it was our understanding of Loki and his view of himself that makes him a good villain in the Avengers. On the small screen; Wilson Fisk works as a good foil to Daredevil as they’re polar opposites, they both have the same aim, to make Hell’s Kitchen more tolerable, but their methods are completely different.

So, to wrap up, while Marvel’s villains might not always be the greatest, it seems to be that when they are slightly lacking, it’s so the film can shift its focus to more than just the good vs evil conflict. The best villains are the ones that interact with the protagonists on a personal level, and who we have a connection with, whether it be from previous films, in the case of Loki, or through shared characteristics as we see with Ultron.

Now, it’d be nice for film makers to begin to trust audiences with both a complex villain and a higher message that doesn’t rely on the main point of conflict to convey that message, but we have to remember that films are really quite short, and sometimes you have to make compromises.

But, yes, less furious entitled men of various shades and more complex, relatable shades of grey in our villains please and thankyou.


Coffee Time News 27/04/15

Fantastic Four character bios show a change in Reed’s powers, Gears of War gets a remake and Silent Hills gets canned.


A new bunch of information has come out about the Fantastic Four, more specifically the abilities and profiles of the Fantastic Four themselves. You can see a personal bio written by Dr. Franklin Storm (Sue and Johnny’s father) for each of the characters as well as a coy description of their powers. A team full of independent geniuses who prefer working alone.

Age of Ultron’s been out for a weekend now, so we should be seeing some figures about the international release, and we have! With a $201 million opening weekend, The Avengers Age of Ultron surpasses the original by a huge 44%. Baring in mind that it’s not even out in the states until the first of May, this film has potential.

A while back, Daniel Bruhl (Rush, Inglorious Bastards) was rumoured to be playing the role of Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, an iconic Cap. villain who’s a weapons expert and worked beside the Red Skull in the comics, and this has all now been confirmed, though it looks like this could be his son, carrying on his father’s work.


We’ve not featured any Gotham recently, but it’s coming to the end of the 1st season now and we’ve got some images of the season finale courtesy of Flickering Myth.

In the rumour-mill, an interesting one has popped up with regards to Iron Fist the Netflix series that will be the finale standalone before the team up Defenders; there are rumours that Doctor Strange (whether it be a body double of Cumberbatch or the man himself) will appear in the Iron Fist series. With the inclusion of magic and that sort of thing in both Iron Fist’s stories and Doctor Strange’s, it’s not too much of a leap to make sense. Also, it’s worth noting that in the comics Strange had a lot to do with the formation of the Defenders.


The Rolling Stones, Robot Arms, Zombies. It’s time for the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 trailer. There’s some talk of the moral quandary of when man becomes a weapon which could point towards a really intriguing single player campaign with similar philosophies to Deus Ex and Spec Ops. Or it will be more of the same… We’ll see.

Gears of War will be getting a next gen remastering on XBox One it’s been announced; it will be worked on by UK based developer Splash Damage and will most likely be aimed at a 2016 release, with that being the ten year anniversary of the original release of Gears of War.

Sad news for Silent Hill fans, the project titled Silent Hills (which was teased last year with P.T) is no longer in the making, says Guillermo Del Toro, who was to work on the project with Hideo Kojima. To that end, you have until Wednesday to download P.T if you haven’t already.

Spoiler Free Reaction Time: The Avengers Age of Ultron

By Joe Strange

I do not envy Joss Whedon and the rest of the team behind The Avengers Age of Ultron, they had no small task on their hands, not only to top Avengers Assemble, but also to maintain the great level of quality that we’ve seen in the second phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

But the question is, do they do it? Is Age of Ultron better than Avengers Assemble? The short answer is… probably? Maybe?

The first Avengers was a huge deal; never before had so many characters that lead their own films been thrown together in such a fantastic way. But that was the first Avengers movie, you may notice that Age of Ultron is not.

Instead of the giddy excitement of seeing our heroes coming together for the first time, Age of Ultron leads with a well established team on a routine mission. What we see is a group of people comfortable with one another, talking and joking casually as they attack a fortified castle, whether it be Captain America scolding Tony for bad language, or Black Widow sweetly thanking the Hulk for tearing apart a bunker.

It’s a bit of a shock, and the first battle seems a little strange because of it. It all seems a little ‘planned’, but on reflection it’s just testament to how well this team works together now that they’ve been through the crucible of an alien invasion.

By the end of the battle though, it seems comfortable and right, and it’s a great set up for the Avengers’ evolution from the first film, it’s full of some great action pieces, funny quips and shout outs to the first film.

But while all seems good, there are other players on the field; the Maximoff twins (Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson). After their first encounter during the assault Maria Hill sums them up perfectly; ‘he’s fast and she’s weird’. These ‘enhanced’ twins hold a personal grudge against Tony Stark, and by extension, the Avengers, and that’s where the film kicks off; by working off of Stark’s fear of failure, they set in motion the discover of the advanced AI that would become Ultron,

So, Ultron, really the biggest talking point of the film, does he live up to the hype that Whedon has been building since the announcement? Actually, he totally does.

James Spader plays a great line between terrifying genius and petulant child who just wants to get his way by any means necessary, add this one to the thankfully growing list of brilliant Marvel villains.  Ultron starts off naive but assertive, and only grows in confidence and conviction from there. As a peace keeping program, he deduces that the Avengers are the figurehead of violence and war, which isn’t hard to spot; Tony’s an ex weapons dealer, Thor is the god of thunder, Captain America was bred for war, Hawkeye and Blackwidow are trained assassins and the Hulk? Well he’s the Hulk.

To this end he enlists the Maximoff twins to help tear the Avengers apart and to help complete his mission of world peace. Which works, for a time; the twins, overcome with their hatred of Stark, are more than happy to help, with Scarlett Witch (Olsen) shining as a force to reckoned with (also that weirdly janky scene where she backs through a door is really odd and awesome) preying on all of the Avengers’ worse fears, besides one who’s had enough of that mind game crap. Scarlett Witch is a great boon to the plot, countering Ultron’s sheer force with trickery, while Quicksilver (Taylor-Johnson) adds a bit of a humour and attitude to the trio, with an immediate rivalry appearing between the speedster and Hawkeye. Quicksilver is far from just comic relief, however, as he has some of the heavier scenes in the film, and his relationship with his sister is incredibly touching; there’s genuine care and concern for one another here.

We’ve been told again and again that this is a darker story than The Avengers, and that’s certainly true. It’s far from gritty and moody, but it deals with more of the consequences of the main character’s actions across the board, with the turmoil that appears between some of the team really weighting the scenes down. Not that it’s bad, we can’t all have fun and games the entire time, and the film does a great job of developing the entire roster of characters, which is incredibly impressive considering the size of that line up.

These things, as well as a more threatening antagonist, possibly make the film less re-watchable than the previous, but its story is great, with there being less ‘what a coincidence’ moments than many films tackling this sort of scope, and it’s a more dynamic story than the first. Because of the more serious tone, the comic relief moments really stand out, and it’s in this where you see Joss’s mark; tension builds and builds, but then a joke brings you back to earth, and the greater the tension, the better the joke.

I’ve mentioned the growth of the Avengers since we last saw them all together, and each one goes through their own arcs that are self contained but also work well into the previous entries as well as future films.

Speaking of future films, we learn a little more about the infinity gems, and the state and stakes of the universe in the third act, which is another step in the set up to the Infinity Wars.

You may note that I’ve not mentioned the Vision as of yet, and this being a spoiler free review, I won’t delve too deep into the character, but he’s freaking fantastic. Paul Bettany does a great job as the character, bringing a patient gravitas to the role, while also having that familiar charm of Jarvis, who he’s played since Iron Man, really Vision’s reveal is one of the highlights of the film.

We also see quite a few cameos from previous instalments, War Machine and Falcon return for a party, Selvig returns to help out Thor and we get a few mentions of Jane Foster and Pepper Potts, even if they don’t appear.

Really, I don’t need to tell you to go and watch Avengers Age of Ultron, the chances are that if you’re on Axby you’re most likely a fan of the MCU anyway, and you’ll go and see it without me telling you to. So I’ll say this instead; it’s an incredibly good film, with the great writing and action that we’ve come to expect, but don’t go into it thinking it’s as light hearted as the Avengers. It’s a different beast, it’s the next step in Marvel’s Evolution, it’s heavier and more poignant, but still fun and entertaining at its core.

Coffee Time News 17/04/15

Leaked Batman Vs Superman trailer, new Star Wars trailer and a release date for Star Wars Battlefront.


BIG day for trailers, we’ve got the new Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer, featuring more droids, more lightsabers, more storm troopers taking off helmets and looking surprised. Frankly, if you don’t get shivers on that opening note, you’re not human (or maybe just a Star Wars fan). We’ve also got a leaked version (shaky cam ahoy) of the Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer ahead of it’s release on Monday, so if you can’t wait, go ahead and watch it, it’s pretty good; Batman has glowy eyes and a robot voice (his doctor said too much growling is bad for this throat).

In the MCU, Kevin Feige has given some thoughts on Civil War, Antman and the introduction of Daredevil into the films.It’s a good little look at the man who’s got a hell of a lot on his plate, and still keeps his cool.


The Flash is really ramping up in excitement now that Harrison Wells is getting closer to being figured out, and the next episode titled ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’ should be a big step into paying off the season’s biggest mystery. There’s a pair of TV Spots right here to check out. We also see an arm changing into something, possibly a shape shifter which could explain some of the more questionable things we’ve seen in the late season teasers.

IMAGE GALLERY TIME. Flickering Myth have a neat gallery of set photos from AKA Jessica Jones, which include Ritter’s character talking to Tennant’s the Purple Man as well as some sneaky hooding snooping.

Despite the fall of SHIELD and the death of Nick Fury, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) looks to be returning to Agents of SHIELD in the near future; with the secrets that Coulson’s been hiding, the building of the Inhumans world, how will Ex SHIELD Agent Hill come into all this? Fury’s messenger? Probably Fury’s messenger.


Inkeeping with the Star Wars announcements, Star Wars Battlefront is rumoured to be launching on Next Gen Consoles (Current Gen? No idea anymore) and PC on November the 17th as discovered via the NeoGaf forums, it’s unconfirmed, but it would make sense to make the most of the release of the new film.

For all your streetpassers, your Nintendo 3DS just got a little less annoying to use. Here’s a list of the new updates to the streetpass feature courtesy of Kotaku.

The team responsible for Borderlands the Presequel, 2K Australia, is to be shut down, in an effort to reduce costs and to improve the working proximity of the creative teams, according to a statement from an anonymous 2K source today. 

Coffee Time News 15/04/15

New Avengers clip showing off Ultron’s personality, first look at Luke Cage and Mario Kart’s next DLC.


Ted 2 has a new clip, though I’m sure we’ve seen this one before somewhere (probably in the trailer?) it sees Ted and Marky Mark practising ‘humanity’ questions with Amanda Seyfried’s lawyer character Samantha Jackson.

Paul Feig has said that while Kirsten Wigg will be the audience’s ‘in’ to the female Ghostbusters movie, Melissa McCarthy will be the group’s ‘leader’. He also said that the Tatum movie was a surprise to him and may not happen, and that they really have nothing to do with Feig, Feig, in his words, only cares about his four ladies.

With just over a week to go until it’s released in the UK, Age of Ultron has a few more TV spots and one new clip which shows off the character of Ultron a little more; previously to this it was unclear just how much personality he’d have, well it looks like James Spader is giving the advanced AI a heap of the stuff.


It looks like episode leaks don’t mean an awful lot to Game of Thrones, which despite having the first four episodes of season 5 leaked earlier this week, with 8 million people tuning in to watch the season premiere. Most pirated TV show AND 8 million legit viewers? You’re doing something right HBO.

Two character posters have appeared for Arrow and Arsenal today, seemingly inspired by the ‘superhero fight club’ clip from yesterday.

Yesterday we got a look at the Purple Man (to be played by David Tennant) and today we get a look at Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, and Jessica Jones. AKA Jessica Jones will air on Netflix some time later this year.


Nintendo have announce the contents for the second lot of Mario Kart 8 DLC, with an adorable trailer. The DLC will include 3 new playable characters as well as four new vehicles and a heap of new tracks, check out the details here.

Bloodborne’s patch that will reduce load times and fix abnormal enemy behaviour (bosses that go ‘easy’ if you leave the game on for 12 hours) is due sometime in April, says From Software.

Hearthstone, the card game from Blizzard (makers of World of Warcraft) is now available on Android and IOS phones, with an updated interface. More than that, players who complete just one game on their device will get a free classic card pack.