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Coffee Time News 27/05/15

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot is in the works, New clip from Disney’s Inside Out, and Gotham to introduce a crime duo,


The Suicide Squad is still in the news it seems, and these folks really need some better security, as this leaked video that shows the Batmobile hunting down Joker’s fancy car that we saw in some previous behind the scene shots, prove. So, Batman cameo very much confirmed?

We’ve not heard much from Disney’s Inside Out of late, but after being very well received at Cannes Film Festival, we’ve got a little clip from the film featuring the whole gang, but focussing on Bill Hader’s Fear.

Hey, do you remember the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? You know, that film that had Sean Connery, Mr Hyde, Tom Sawyer and Captain Nemo in it? You know that film that caused Connery to quit acting? Well, Fox is attempting to reboot the film. Originally ‘based’ on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, which he describes as ‘the Justice League of Victorian England’ the source material has a lot of potential… Give it to Matthew Vaughn?


Gotham is due to introduce two new villains, most likely working as a pair, in the second season, a male DC villain who is intelligent, cultured and highly articulate and a female companion who is in her mid 20’s. With the Joker being played by a young actor of the same sort of age as Bruce Wayne, we can’t really expect this to be Harley Quinn, so possibly a more vague female villain from the rogue’s gallery?


Battlefield Hardline‘s first piece of DLC; Criminal Activity, has its first trailer/official reveal, which you can check out here. The trailer features new maps, new items, new that sort of thing.

Amiibos are pretty neat, but now they’re pretty cute, with their inclusion into Yoshi’s Wooly World, tapping an Amiibo onto the Wii U gamepad will cause another Yoshi to appear on screen, allowing you to solve more puzzles and have twice the fun, ALSO, the amiibo you use will transform yoshi into a newly knitted version based off of that character.


The Scourge of Sales

Last Friday saw the take off of a recent US import; Black Friday. People throughout the UK caught sales fever and let it drag them down so much that even Americans were shocked by the some of the actions that took place that day. Whilst Cyber Monday has previously been gaining more notoriety and seemed like a more subtle way for people to calmly obtain some good deal, it was largely overlooked this year and had essentially merged into the “holiday weekend” for a holiday that has no meaning here.

People often deride Christmas for being purely commercial, yet in the context of the UK Thanksgiving is solely a commercial holiday and unearthed people’s greed that has been subdued due to austerity measures. Unless you have a house to sell yesterday’s autumn statement isn’t going to change things for the better.

How does this relate to videogames though? Well during the “holiday weekend” I kept an eye out on the sales on the off chance that some crazy deal emerges for something I actually want to get; obviously this was in relation to videogames. Unless you were in the market for a new console (where crazy good deals did exist) there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy. Sure Shadow of Mordor and Metro Redux were essentially going for half price, and I am interested in ultimately getting both games, neither are ones that I really want (as of right now).

I found my self-restraint kicking in. This is not me bragging how much better I am for my self control. As the reality is that I had realised that I already have too many games either on the go or ready to play. I’m still deep into Dragon Age Inquisition, Super Smash Bros had just arrived, Mario Kart 8 is still great, and Destiny is still receiving notable updates. This doesn’t even include the games that I haven’t even started, such as Bayonetta 2 and Uncharted 3.

Admittedly my wallet is now fearing an onslaught due to the possibility of more amiibo purchases, yet it’s adding somewhat to my enjoyment of Smash Bros, looks good on a shelf, and also works with other WiiU games (despite minimally is still crucial). I made the ill-advised decision of buying an amiibo in an actually shop and forgot that the “holiday” deals were still active on the Sunday. So I found myself in a rather long queue surrounded by people buying either a PS4 or Xbox One (with interestingly the ratio slightly favouring Xbox One), and there was I waiting to get a solitary Samus Aran amiibo that unsurprisingly was not on sale.

Whilst it is good that so many people are able to join the current generation, which is necessary for the industries continued growth, with a couple of exceptions most of the people there were getting the consoles to play now and not as a Christmas present. The reason I point this out is that the “holiday” is ultimately selfish, with very few people using it as an opportunity to save money on buying gifts for others.

I find the whole thing a shame as it adds to the notion that videogames (and other media) are commodities to be bought and sold rather than pieces of culture and the benefits that they bring. With the global recession still having ramifications (regardless of the UK’s current 3% growth rate) I understand that money is an issue, as it affects me like everyone else, but for me videogames are so much more than simply a “product” to be consumed. They are a window to other worlds and experiences, the same as any other medium, which is why when obtaining new games our first thought shouldn’t be ‘how much?’ but rather why do I think this game could be special to me?

Mario Kart continues to improve

Unlike last week I was actually able to play the beta that I was hoping to play. This was for The Crew, and I was going to write about it, mostly just to highlight just how bad the writing and story are (even for a racing game). I might do so just before the game eventually launches, as the gameplay isn’t actually too bad, similar to Driver: San Francisco (which I loved), but not quite as good, and with the recent problems in Assassin’s Creed Unity Ubisoft needs another strong game this year.

However today the much anticipated first DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 became available today. Nintendo have often been criticised for being late to the DLC party, yet whenever Nintendo has made a big deal out of its DLC it has always been worthwhile. MK8 might represent the best implementation of DLC from Nintendo so far. Further experimenting, Nintendo allowed people to pre-order the bundle (which is £3 less than buying individually) back in August, this also had the added incentive of giving players instant access to different coloured Yoshis and and Shy Guys.

Today before I had even switched on my WiiU it had already downloaded the main MK8 update, and then prompted to download my additional content that I had ordered straight away. My experience with the WiiU recently has felt more like the promise of “next gen” than the PS4.

Even though I knew what to expect in terms of the 8 new tracks and characters/vehicle parts I was still blown away by the new additions. The first track might be the second time that Yoshi’s Circuit has been remade, but everything about it shines (almost literally). I was constantly amazed at simply how vibrant everything looked, for a console that supposedly shouldn’t be compared with the Xbox One and PS4 it looks just as good if not at times better than most games on those systems.

Yet its not just simply the looks but more of the style, and this DLC represents the first time other Nintendo franchises outside of the main Mario/Donkey Kong series’ have been included in a Mario Kart game. Hyrule Circuit is just as wonderful as it should be, with nice little touches such as coins replaced by Rupees accompanied by Zelda jingles. Also there is something charming about seeing some toads cheering alongside Hyrule guards.

The bit for me that I was most excited about (yes even more so than a Zelda level!) was the inclusion of Mute City from F-Zero. F-Zero GX for the GameCube is one of my all time favourite games. It’s the reason why I still have it plugged into my TV and gets fairly regular use. MK8 already feels a lot like an F-Zero game due to its use of anti gravity, so whilst I was not entirely surprised about the announcement, it didn’t detract from my excitement. And damn has it been implemented well!

Again, like Hyrule Circuit, little touches have been made to make the track more like the game it’s from, such as instead of collecting individual coins by driving over them, now you collect them by driving over energy strips. Then there are also the hologram advertising boards adorning the sides of the track with Captain Falcon himself and his famous line “Show me your moves”.

The accompanying update also provided Amiibo support, which will bring specific costumes to your Mii character. So now I need to get the Captain Falcon Amiibo so that I can get even closer to feeling like I have a new F-Zero game. Although with the promince of F-Zero in the DLC and with Nintendo’s current trend of non-subtle easter eggs, maybe a new entry is in development? I can only dream…

Nonetheless the DLC marks a big step forward for the Mario Kart series. The next DLC in May is Animal Crossing themed, and whilst there is isn’t any further DLC announced, future entries in the series might begin with inclusions from other Nintendo franchises, turning it into something more akin to a driving equivalent of Super Smash Bros. If it prevents this excellent series from going stale, I’m all for it!

E3 News 11/06/2014

Nintendo just do not know when to stop announcing more news, which is great! That’s not to say there hasn’t been other gaming news to arrive since the presentations, but it has mostly comprised of extended demonstrations of games we are mostly aware of.

Super Smash Bros

The game that just keep on giving. If the announcement of Mii Fighter and Palutena weren’t enough, Pac-Man has just been announced. Although this reveal doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering Bandai Namco’s involvement in the development of the game. At the end of the trailer it  is also heavily hinted that Mr. Game & Watch will be making a return, but no confirmation yet. Personally though I’m waiting for Captain Falcon to return.


More news about amiibo has been coming out, such as how it interacts with Smash Bros. When you use an amiibo in the game the character will appear as a figure player (FP) which is not controlled by the player but instead the AI. The aim is that you use them to fight against them which in turn levels them up. There will likely be an amiibo for each character in Smash Bros but even Sakurai (the games director) said it will be difficult to collect them all and that people should focus on their favourites. But if you are inclined to give Nintendo even more money then go ahead.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Last month Nintendo faced equality criticism, now it is the turn of Ubisoft. You might have noticed in the trailers for the new Assassin’s Creed game that you control one of four male assassin’s. But why can’t any of them be female? I mean they all look like a blank canvas, especially as they are customisable. Well turns out that creating female characters is expensive, according to Ubisoft, who stated that: ‘it’s double the animations, it’s double the voices, all that stuff and double the visual assets.’

There is also a narrative explanation for this, as the four different assassin’s are actually the same person; Arno, who is the star of Unity. Also when other players join they will have different faces to your character. Which then unravels Ubisoft’s narrative argument.

Let It Die

So yesterday I expressed my excitement about the new Suda 51 game, despite knowing next to nothing about it. Well turns out it is going to be a Free to play game. This isn’t too surprising considering Suda has been wanting to adopt online features since agreeing to the takeover of Grasshopper Manufacture by GungHo Online Entertainment. Free to play is often a dirty word, but this is mainly in the mobile world, recently the console Free to play games have been more accommodating. This decision also explains why it is a PS4 exclusive. Also the skateboarding Grim Reaper is apparently ‘a really big part’ of the game. So there is still plenty to look forward to.

Majora’s Mask 3D?

I have to start this by stating that NOTHING has been confirmed. More speculation to drive the rumour mill. The rationale behind this is that yesterday the Moon from Majora’s Mask appeared in a stage of Hyrule Warriors (which is looking great by the way) and then later that day during the Super Smash Bros Invitational tournament Zelda Williams was a guest player, and she arrived donning a Majora’s Mask. But Nintendo is discussing a new handheld title for the 3DS family at 1:30AM (really?) so we’ll know more at that point.