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Reaction Time: Ant-Man

By Sara Da Silva

We all had our initial doubts, but Ant-Man certainly measured up.

Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a cat burglar recently released from prison, who catches the attention of scientist Hank Pym. Pym is forced to conceal his work into organic miniaturization from his ex-protégé Darren Cross, who is trying to invent something similar. Armed with the super-suit that allows for the ability to shrink in scale but maintain human strength, Scott is called upon to help Pym and his daughter defeat Cross.

The casting of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man signalled to the viewers immediately that it would take more of a comical route, as opposed to a serious and dark path. He certainly did not fail us there. My appreciation for Paul Rudd as an actor skyrocketed after watching Ant-Man on Friday. But of course the film would be nowhere without the hilarious writings of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. Although, they could have gone further and added even more comedic sequences but it’ll do. It’ll do nicely.

This movie had everything: a hilarious protagonist, an unbelievably hot and badass female lead, unexpected comedy gold from Luis, played by Michael Peña, and countless MCU Easter eggs. Including: Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Mitchell Carson, the Avengers and their new facility, Hydra, and of course our beloved Stan Lee. That’s more than enough Easter eggs to make any Marvel fan squeal with excitement.

Now, let’s talk about those end credit scenes.

The first scene showed Hank Pym gifting his daughter, Hope, with a never-before-scene suit. Ant-Man is the only confirmed Marvel movie that will star Evangeline Lilly, but we’re hopeful that we might see a cameo of the Wasp in future Marvel movies, maybe Civil War or Avengers: Infinity War.

The post-credit scene threw me into a complete fit of excitement. My love for Captain America knows no bounds, so when Cap and Bucky appeared I may have slightly lost it. The scene, if you missed it, started off with Cap and Falcon revealing that they’ve found Bucky Barnes. Falcon suggests calling Tony Stark but Steve immediately shuts down that idea, saying that no one else can be trusted (hinting at the rift between Cap and Tony in Civil War). But there is one superhero that can be trusted: Ant-Man. Yes, that’s right, Ant-Man will be making an appearance in Civil War and I am over the moon.

Civil War is next up on the Marvel roster so start getting pumped. Bring on 2016.

Coffee Time News 7/07/15

Michael Cera to play Lego Robin, Deadpool returns to Steam and The Flash set pictures show that he’s got a day all to himself.


Ahead of its release… TODAY, Ant-man has three new clips for those of us who just can’t wait any longer!

Lord of the awkward character actor Michael Cera will be playing Robin in the Lego Batman movie that will tie in with the world created in the Lego Movie.

Age of Ultron fans, but those fans who wish that Joss Whedon’s vision and voice was a little more prevalent in the film, may be a little disappointed to hear that Whedon has no plans to do a directors cut of the film.


Behind the scenes photos for AKA Jessica Jones now, and like, literally all of the other photos it shows Luke Cage riding a motorcycle with Krysten Ritter’s Jones in tow.

A new teaser trailer for the new season of the X-files has hit, and it’s all exactly like we expected, complete with the doo-doo-doo-doo dooo at the end.

New set photos from the Flash show us two things; one that Central city is celebrating the Flash with a day imaginatively called ‘flash day’ (probably has a dance called Flash dance too right?) which means either he’s done something huge, or it’s the anniversary of him doing something huge. It also shows us a new villain, Atom Smasher, who can control his molecular structure, altering his size and strength.


Goat Simulator, you know, that game where you’re a crazed goat, is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in August and will support local split screen co-op.

Destiny will be getting an overhaul at the end of the summer, with Destiny 2.0 changes coming into effect, one of these is a huge upheaval of many weapon’s behaviours, from class changes to individual exotic tweaks.

Activision’s Deadpool game has been missing from Steam since 2013 when it was released, but suddenly it’s back, could it be because the new film doesn’t look like trash? Probably.

Coffee Time News 06/07/15

Jurassic World continues destroying the Box Office, Snyder defends Man of Steel’s ending and could Agent Carter see the first Baron Zemo?


One day we’ll get bored of reporting just how good Jurassic World is, but that day is not today; after this weekend it’s now reached the fifth spot on the list of highest grossing films of all time, overtaking Frozen, The Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Zach Snyder gets a lot of stick for the ending of the Man of Steel, there was a lot of crashing, lots of collateral damage and a few snapped necks. But Snyder has defended his decision, saying that in movies like this, you need tension and consequences, or else what’s the point?

We all gave a chuckle in the Ant-man trailer when Scott Lang suggested that they call the Avengers, but the latest TV spot reveals a superhero cameo that not many were expecting, only watch this if you’re not really fussed about a possible surprise appearance.


Another trio of motion posters have appeared for Heroes Reborn, you can check them out here, this show has a lot of movement behind it, here’s hoping it can live up to the original’s first season.

Agent Carter Season 2 will see the appearance of 2 new villains when it returns next year. Reportedly one of these will be another actual villain from the comics, and considering the appearance of Helmut Zemo in the upcoming Captain America Civil War, it could be the original Baron Zemo.


David Cros (Everyone’s favourite blue(th) painted Analrapist) said he and fellow funny man Brian Posehn were flown over to Bungie HQ back when Destiny was being made to write a bunch of jokes for Ghost, but it seems that they didn’t use a single one.

July 14th will see Batman Arkham Knight‘s first piece of story based DLC in the form of A matter of Family, and will star Batgirl.

Coffee Time News 26/06/15

Ghostbusters Spinoff not currently on the cards, The Joker and Mr Freeze confirmed for Gotham season 2, and Games for Gold gets an upgrade.


With Ant-man so very close now, we’re getting more and more promotional material; today it’s an international trailer which focusses on the father/daughter relationship we’re likely to see as well as a commercial for Cross technologies, the antagonists of the film.

It looks like Disney is somewhat tired of superheroes and the retelling of fairy stories and instead is looking to base a film in Science. That is, an action movie based on the formative life of naturalist Charles Darwin.

Channing Tatum has out and said that currently, at this moment, at the time of writing, the Ghostbusters spin off starring himself (who is set to be in the female lead reboot) is not happening, as it’s too complicated. 


Heroes Reborn finally has a full trailer with actual clips from the actual show with actual actors, as well as a synopsis which you can get your hands on here. Also, we called it, Levi is an antagonist.

The X-files reboot has its first few images of an aged and reunited Mulder and Scully, which you can check out over at Screenrant.

The synopsis for season 2 of Gotham moves the Joker and Mr Freeze rumours from the mill to the hard fact, as it confirms that season 2 will focus on them, as well as the mystery of Bruce Wayne’s father. It will return on September 21st.


Xbox’s Games for Gold is getting a little better, well actually, twice as good, as instead of the offering of one free game a month on Xbox One, starting July you’ll be privy to two free games a month.

In a positive move for the quality of gaming, EA have announced that if Star Wars Battlefront isn’t up to snuff by the time November roles around, they will delay the game to refrain from releasing an unfinished product.

Ah Bungie, they do try don’t they? Releasing a huge expansion later this year, they had the best intentions to bundle all the goodies into a package that would require you to buy all the stuff dedicated players already had to get it all, now they’ve been told (very loudly) that that’s not on, they’ve started making moves to make the ‘year one’ players feel more appreciated.

Coffee Time News 22/06/15

More Ant-man TV spots, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods coming to TV and Destiny gets even more PS4 exclusives.


With Fathers’ Day being yesterday, and Ant-man having a daughter (and that relationship likely being a focal point of the upcoming Marvel film) 4 new TV spots have been released showcasing a few new scenes each.

As far as cameo rumour sources go, this has to be a first; Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may actually appear in Xmen Apocalypse, but how do we know? Well a leather goods store named KikaNY posted some designs on Instagram of a, get this, duffle bag that Hugh Jackman ordered, stating that he’s filming the new Xmen film in Montreal. DUFFLE RUMOURS.

Thor; The Dark World was an entertaining film, there’s no doubt about it, but it didn’t quite capture the magic of the first instalment, well Thor Ragnarok which will be the third solo film in the norse god’s story may have a familiar face behind the camera in the guise of Thor Director Kenneth Branagh.


Daredevil is considered by many to be one of this year’s best pieces of TV, and so with the announcement that the Punisher will appear in season 2 as well as the excitement of the rest of the Defenders coming together eventually, actor Rosario Dawson talks about her character and the evolving role she’ll have in the culmination of the series.

While the Marvel Cinematic team won’t have a presence at Comic-Con this year, the Television unit will be represented in the form of a selection of the cast and crew of both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter,

Not long ago it was announced that US television network Starz gave the go ahead to the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and now the producer Bryan Fuller, alog with Gaiman, have released some concept art, and here’s the intriguing synopsis,

American Gods posits a war brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of biblical and mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs. Its protagonist, Shadow Moon, is an ex-con who becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to Mr. Wednesday, a conman but in reality one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to gather his forces in preparation to battle the new deities. 


Destiny‘s next piece of DLC The Taken King is apparently choc-full of content and stuff we’ve been waiting for in Destiny, but if you’re playing on a PS4, you’re going to get a bit more bang for your buck, that’s right; more exclusive content; A strike, armour, weapons and a crucible map are all PS4 exclusives,

It’s been a long wait for fans of the Batman Arkham games, and unfortunately the wait for Arkham Knight has gotten a fraction longer, providing you’re playing on a PS4; a 3.5 gb patch will go live at launch.

Kerbal Space Program, a game heavy on both scientific accuracy and little green men who can survive in space for years, is coming to the PS4… sometime.

Coffee Time News 17/06/15

Another short day on news with only a few trailers on their way, but Jurassic World continues its success in the UK Box Office nonetheless.


A new TV spot for Ant-man lightly pokes fun at the concept while showcasing some more action scenes and previously unseen footage. Paul Rudd is really nailing it as Scott Lang, Ant-man releases next month.

Rogue was a big part of the original script of Xmen Days of Future Past, but was ultimately cut due to pacing, but a new trailer for the ‘Rogue cut’ which will show the whole story as to what happened after Kitty Pride ended up getting Wolverine’d teases what’s to come.


Star Wars Rebels season 2 kicks off this weekend with a two part feature, and to warm you up for it, here’s a teaser that teases all the teasetastic Darth Vader-y stuff you can hope to see.

Showtime have officially renewed Penny Dreadful for a third season, you can check out our watch list for it here, but it’s a good show with a lot of atmosphere and certainly worth catching up on if you’re not yet ready for 2016’s third season.

Chris Evans (Not Captain America, the one who works for the BBC) has officially been confirmed as the new host of Top Gear, the Motoring magazine show. After the departure of Jeremy Clarkson after he punched a producer in the face, and the subsequent loss of James May and Richard Hammond, there are some very big shoes to fill in that iconic British show.


James has finished up his coverage of E3 2015 with his Nintendo and Sony conference coverages. Go, ENJOY.

Coffee Time News 09/06/15

Matt Damon is the Martian, Ant-man gets six minutes of footage before Jurassic World in Imax and Bart Simpson to die.


Matt Damon stars in the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian, which tells the story of a team of astronauts who, upon beginning a return trip, get caught in a storm, with one of the team left on mars and presumed dead, he must use his ingenuity to signal to earth that he is alive.

Six minutes of Ant-man will be yours to watch if you decide to watch Jurassic World in IMAX this weekend. You can’t afford NOT to watch that.

Marco J. Ramirez, who is taking over as Marvel’s Daredevil’s showrunner from Stephen S. DeKnight, has reportedly begun writing a script for the slow developing Akira live action adaptation.


Bart Simpson is finally going to be killed by Sideshow Bob, but no, it won’t last, because it will be in Treehouse of Horror number 26. It’s about time though, that little Brat had it coming.

MTV’s Scream television series has its first trailer, you can take a look here… It’s pretty much everything we expected right? Though with reports of Ghostface being a literal ghost this time… well, maybe it’ll be good.

AKA Jessica Jones is now going to be titled Marvel’s Jessica Jones. as seen on this Netflix screenshot. The show is due out later this year and will act in the same world as Daredevil and the rest of the MCU.


Capcom have announced the Megaman Legacy Collection will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer, the collection will include the first 6 games in the series as well as a unique challenge mode. Read more here.

Exploration and crafting game Terraria is coming to the WiiU and 3DS, according to a developers post in the official forums.

Destiny’s next big expansion, The Taken King, is set for release on September 15th, according to a leak, and will include a new subclass for all characters, filling in the element that they are without (Void for Hunter, Solar for Titan, Arc for Wizard).

Coffee Time News 03/06/15

A new Ant-man TV spot, Eddie Redmayne officially cast as Newt Scamander and a Fallout 4 announcement could be imminent.


Yesterday we had a load of high resolution images from Ant-man, and today we’ve got an extended TV spot for the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Featuring a heap of new footage and a lot more comedy, this TV spot is the trailer we’ve been waiting for.

It’s not really a surprise considering that The Theory of Everything‘s Eddie Redmayne has been the only contender for the role of Newt Scamander, but he’s been officially cast as the Magizooligist for the upcoming Harry Potter Spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The Dark Tower adaptation has had a long road, it’s been through two different studios before ending up at Sony, it’s seen plans to be a series of films, a series of films with television accompaniments, but now it seems it’s found its director; Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) is in talks to direct the first instalment of Roland’s adventure.


More Heroes Reborn casting news; Mohinder Suresh (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) will return as a guest star in the upcoming spin-off.

Ever since Arrested Development was revived on Netflix, there’s been mutterings of a fifth season on the online streaming service, and executive producer Brian Grazer has said that shooting of the fifth season could begin in January next year, with the airdate being some four months after that.


Destiny has received a much needed patch that effects a whole heap of stuff, including item drops, specifically treasure keys, and stackable ammo consumables. Also in the pot is the potential title of the next expansion, thanks to a Red Bull promotion, the next DLC could be titled ‘The Taken King’.

The  new Guitar Hero have released 54 track names for songs that you can jam/rock/shred out to when the game is released, with a fair variety, including Ed Sheeran, Tenacious D, Alt J and The Rolling Stones.

Some time yesterday a countdown time appeared right here. Now, Fallout fans will recognise that screen immediately, since we’ve seen it a thousand times in loading screens and our dreams. Basically, at 3 PM today, we will almost definitely be getting some Fallout 4 news.

If not this is a cruel cruel trick.

Coffee Time News 02/06/15

A 24 spin-off in the works, a new Lego game is their take on Minecraft, and Ant-man images.


A heap of new images from Ant-man have surfaced, and many of them show of the potential humour of the film as well as just some more of the cast and high res images we’ve seen before. Ant-man hits cinemas on July 17th.

Before Paul Feig decided to reboot the Ghostbusters with a female cast, there was an awful lot of talk and rumour about Ghostbusters 3, turns out Feig had been approached but decided to take it in a new direction because he wanted to leave the originals in one piece.

Hey, look, more clips from Terminator Genisys, featuring visual effects not as good as the early 90’s and character decisions that are ridiculous.


24 is getting a spinoff featuring a twenty-something antihero which will see the rookie team up with a more mature female agent, Keith Sunderland is due to guest star too.

‘There’s something big coming’ in the teaser trailer for ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde, supernatural period drama. ‘Set in 1930’s London at a time of Hollywood glamour, aerodynamic cars and monster movies, the drama will pay homage to the Stevenson novel, and focus on the young, attractive, troubled hero, Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original doctor. ‘

Luke Mitchell, who played Lincoln in the latter part of Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD has been confirmed as a series regular for season 3. You know what that means? More electric powers, more romantic subplots with Skye, more long sleeve tshirts.


Players of the Witcher 3 will be getting more of its 16 pieces of free DLC soon, this time in the form of fancy Nilfgaardian armour and new crossbows. Nice.

One of the easier ways to describe minecraft is that it’s like Lego, but in a computer game, but now what happens when Lego make a Minecraft esk game? Well you get the early access Beta of Lego Worlds is what,

In other lego news, Lego Jurassic Park has a new trailer, where nothing could possibl-ye go wrong. Sorry, possibly. The game will feature 4 campaigns each based off of a film in the series.

Coffee Time News 25/05/15

First images from Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series, Supergirl Pilot leaked online and new Ant-man images.


With the second film in the franchise not even out yet, Now You See Me the heist/magician film’s third instalment is already being plannedNow You See Me; The Second Act will arrive in 2016 and will star Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliffe.

Star of Ex Machina Alicia Vikander rose to the public eye after stealing the show in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, and is now reportedly circling both the Assassins’ Creed film as well as the fifth Bourne film.

Empire’s most recent issue has a bunch of images from Ant-man which is only a few months away (July) which you can check out over at Flickering Myth.


Agent Carter Season 2 will be two episodes longer, according to star Hayley Atwell. Not only that, but season 2 will see more warmth and humour to the eponymous character, now that she’s not struggling with her identity as much.

The first images from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp have appeared online, showing off the ensemble cast that is reforming for the Netflix show.

Speaking of things appearing online; the Supergirl pilot has leaked online almost 6 months before its due to air in November, if you are morally grey enough to find a less than legitimate copy.


Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC came out last week and we’re already seeing some neat things appearing from the new update; like this Hunter helmet that turns your three shot Golden Gun into a one shot monster with 6x the damage, or this new social hub that is exclusive to the best of the best players.

Witcher 3 players who have the game on Xbox One, be wary as there’s a nasty bug that is stopping players from saving; the guys over at Kotaku have a list of things you can do to prevent/fix the bug, so you may want to check that out.