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Coffee Time News 03/07/15

A heap of new images from Dawn of Justice and more footage from Mission Impossible, as well as a full length trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Series.


A new image has appeared from Deadpool, which recently wrapped principle photography, and it’s a pretty iconic one; presumably from the highway scene we saw in the test footage, this image shows Deadpool wielding 2 guns and looking pretty bad-ass. (afterall, why use one gun when you can use 2?)

A whole heap of images from Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice have appeared; we get a look at Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman outside of her costume, a few more face offs with Bats and Supes, and Lex Luthor with hair.

Six new TV spots for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have appeared, showing off some scenes we’ve seen, some scenes we’ve not seen and that plane scene over and over again (not that they’re proud that Tom Cruise does his own mental stunts or anything.)


Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp, the Netflix revival/prequel to the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer has a full length trailer, after a retro VHS style advertisement was released for the show last week.

A look at the first images of Season 6 of The Walking Dead shows off some fan favourite characters in Daryl, Glenn and Maggie.

One Wednesday we shared four motion posters for characters in Heroes Reborn, now we’ve got two more, Zackary Levi’s character (look he’s holding a gun again) as well as Kiki Sukezane (who’s holding a sword).


The free games for PS plus this month have been announced, though they won’t hit the store until the 7th of July, they include Rocket League, Entwined and Geometry Wars.

Fallout Shelter, the IOS game that’s a lead up to Fallout 4 (whose Pipboy editions are still out of stock it seems) should be out next month for Android devices, Pete Himes has said, (he’s the head of marketing at Bethesda).

Team Fortress 2 is getting a big new update that includes new weapons, new contracts and new maps.


Coffee Time News 10/06/15

Batmobile specifications, Shaun from the Walking Dead joins Daredevil as The Punisher, and Halo 5’s co-op won’t need a gold subscription.


Over at Screenrant they’ve plucked a heap of posters for upcoming films from the Las Vegas Licensing Expo including Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, Power Rangers and Independence Day 2.

We’ve had plenty of looks at the Batmobile since it was revealed last year, but now we not only get a full description of the vehicle, but also of the specifications of the technology and weapons on board.

A new TV spot for Spectre reveals a load of new footage, as well as the iconic; Bond, James Bond. So, get watching Bond fans!


While Jason Statham may not be appearing as Bullseye in Daredevil, Marvel have recently announced that The Walking Dead and Fury star Jon Bernthal will be taking up the mantel of Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, in season 2. I for one can’t wait to see Murdock and Castle tango.

After the Pilot leaked a couple of weeks ago, news on the Supergirl television series has gone a little quiet, but no longer! The series will officially kick off on the 26th of October this year.


Halo 5: Guardians will ship with over 20 multiplayer maps, with 15 more coming in DLC later in the lifeline of the game, but more exciting, Xbox Live Gold will not be necessary to play the Co-op story that accompanies the campaign.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is, well, no longer Mirror’s Edge 2. Instead DICE have named it Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. It’s also not a sequel, it’s a re-evaluation of the experience… or something. 

Metal Gear fans who don’t yet own a PS4 might want to check out this special edition console that will be releasing with the newest game in the series, it’s very pretty.

Coffee Time News 22/04/15

A better look at the new Batmobile, Ewan McGregor to play a candelabra, and Daredevil gets a season 2 next year.


Batman Vs Superman will bring a lot to the table, but one of the most exciting thing any batman film has going for it is the new Batmobile, and now we’ve got a few new pictures of the car, which looks, just, really cool.

Speaking of images, along with the new trailer a few days ago, a load of hi-res stills from The Fantastic Four have turned up, showing off the main cast powers, including Dr Doom’s metal face.

Casting news! Ewan McGregor has been cast as Lumiere in The Beauty and The Beast, you know, that candle that sings the song about being their guest that was excellent parodied in the Simpsons to be about vests? Oh and Stanley Tucci (Captain America, The Hunger Games) will be playing a grand piano who’s not in Disney’s original.


The much talked about Flash/Arrow spinoff could have a name, with it being referred to as ‘Legends’ by actor John Wesley Shipp and Variety referring to it as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Which makes sense, they seem to be focussing on upcoming heroes (and dead ones, maybe a tomorrow/yesterday thing, with flash backs.)

John Stewart’s run of The Daily Show has an official end date, or end month at least; August, after which South African comedian Trevor Noah will take his place.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Daredevil has a second season on the way, coming to us in 2016, which is next year! If you’ve not caught up on the Netflix original, you bloody should, and then check out Sara and Joe’s discussion on the series. 


Good news for scorned Halo fans, the most recent update to the Master Chief Collection also brought about a release date for the remastered ODST, sort of. It’s coming some time next month, is what they said.

Also good news for Destiny players, House of Wolves, the second piece of DLC (Which won’t include a raid) WILL include a new social area, new characters and new upgrades to existing weapons. So, you know. It’s all good.

The newest piece of DLC for The Evil Within titled Consequences will begin rolling out today on Xbox and tomorrow on PSN.

Coffee Time News 20/04/15

Solo mode for Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Spin off details and a brand new, (and pretty good) Fantastic Four trailer.


For those who missed it this weekend, and didn’t fancy seeing it in shaky-cam glory, here’s the official Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer which was released prematurely as a result of the leaked footage hitting the internet on Friday.

This weekend saw the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event, and along with that came a load of information regarding Rogue One the first spin off film for the series that will hit in December 2016. The Spin offs will be referred to as the Anthology as a way of separating them from the main trilogies, click here for more information from the panel.

In a surprise release (I think) there’s a new, full length Fantastic Four trailer that’s appeared; it’s significantly less Interstellar-y, with more of a focus on the plot, also, Sue and Johnny’s dad makes an appearance and there’s a lot more comedy. I think I’m back on board. 


Orphan Black fans may want to take a look at this article which talks about season 3, and some of the moves that the series is taking in its third season, it’s the result of an interview with star Tatiana Maslany.

On top of the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin off that surfaced last week, there’s no further talks about Marvel and ABC teaming up for another series, with the hopes to ‘reinvent an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC’. On top of SHIELD, the Spinoff and the Netflix series, is this one show too many for Marvel? Or is it a more-the-merrier type party?

Star Wars Rebels season 2 has a new trailer and poster, this season seems to be upping the stakes a lot, with the introduction of a new sith character as well as a lot of Darth Vader action.


Not all of Steam’s features will be available to new sign ups, in a new move from the online store/community hub. New users will have to spend at least $5 (£3.35) in the store to access many of the features, including friend requests, greenlight/workshop voting and using chat. All this in an attempt to stop phishing and spam accounts.

Good news! Star Wars Battlefront will be including offline, non co-operative modes for those who prefer to space alone! In a mode called Missions players will play against bots, with the option of getting an online cohort to help out.

More big news for Borderlands, after last week’s closure of 2K Australia and the departure of writer Anthony Burch back in January, the games’ creator Matthew Armstrong is leaving Gearbox, he announced in a tweet,

Coffee Time News 17/04/15

Leaked Batman Vs Superman trailer, new Star Wars trailer and a release date for Star Wars Battlefront.


BIG day for trailers, we’ve got the new Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer, featuring more droids, more lightsabers, more storm troopers taking off helmets and looking surprised. Frankly, if you don’t get shivers on that opening note, you’re not human (or maybe just a Star Wars fan). We’ve also got a leaked version (shaky cam ahoy) of the Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer ahead of it’s release on Monday, so if you can’t wait, go ahead and watch it, it’s pretty good; Batman has glowy eyes and a robot voice (his doctor said too much growling is bad for this throat).

In the MCU, Kevin Feige has given some thoughts on Civil War, Antman and the introduction of Daredevil into the films.It’s a good little look at the man who’s got a hell of a lot on his plate, and still keeps his cool.


The Flash is really ramping up in excitement now that Harrison Wells is getting closer to being figured out, and the next episode titled ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’ should be a big step into paying off the season’s biggest mystery. There’s a pair of TV Spots right here to check out. We also see an arm changing into something, possibly a shape shifter which could explain some of the more questionable things we’ve seen in the late season teasers.

IMAGE GALLERY TIME. Flickering Myth have a neat gallery of set photos from AKA Jessica Jones, which include Ritter’s character talking to Tennant’s the Purple Man as well as some sneaky hooding snooping.

Despite the fall of SHIELD and the death of Nick Fury, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) looks to be returning to Agents of SHIELD in the near future; with the secrets that Coulson’s been hiding, the building of the Inhumans world, how will Ex SHIELD Agent Hill come into all this? Fury’s messenger? Probably Fury’s messenger.


Inkeeping with the Star Wars announcements, Star Wars Battlefront is rumoured to be launching on Next Gen Consoles (Current Gen? No idea anymore) and PC on November the 17th as discovered via the NeoGaf forums, it’s unconfirmed, but it would make sense to make the most of the release of the new film.

For all your streetpassers, your Nintendo 3DS just got a little less annoying to use. Here’s a list of the new updates to the streetpass feature courtesy of Kotaku.

The team responsible for Borderlands the Presequel, 2K Australia, is to be shut down, in an effort to reduce costs and to improve the working proximity of the creative teams, according to a statement from an anonymous 2K source today. 

Coffee Time News 08/04/15

Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the works, Bloodborne load times explained and Doctor Who confirmed for 5 more seasons at least.


Rumour has it that DC’s cinematic universe could see the appearance of an iconic character in Batman’s life. Jason Todd, the second Robin, is killed by the Joker and returns (because comic books) bent on revenge towards the villain and resentment to Batman for not avenging him, he trains to be as skilled as Batman, but more violent. Laying the groundwork for the Red Hood (Todd’s eventual alias) in Batman Vs Superman and The Suicide Squad, makes this the perfect story to tell in a solo Batman movie.

Good news Tron Legacy fans; both lead actors Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund will be reprising their roles as Quorra and Samm Flynn in the upcoming third film which is slated for a 2017 release.

Five Nights at Freddy’s the incredibly simple, incredibly popular, horror game, looks like it might be getting a movie adaptation. Set to be produced by talents behind the likes of The Lego Movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and The Goldbergs, the project currently has no writers. I for one, would like to see a single actor facing off against the machines and the lore behind them. Films heavily featuring only one live action actor have a tendency to be tense and driven (Hey there Moon), but we’ll see what comes of it.


 Doctor Who will be going until 2020, all being well and good with the series. The show is incredibly popular, not just here in the UK but overseas as well, and so it’s not much of a surprise that a show with the ability to replace cast members so easily has gotten another few years ahead of it at least.

The best thing about The Flash and Arrow, apart from Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen (by decree of myself and Sara respectively), is the crossover potential, that and the fact that the shows are just so much fun. Anyway, things have been heading towards a huge pair of season finales that look like they’ll be another crossover event, check out the trailer for that here.

Arrested Development is returning again for 17 more episodes! Brian Grazer, executive producer has announced, saying that it’s because of the fans’ loyalty to the show that it’s happening.


Bloodborne is a great game, if you’ve got the bottle to carry on, however, one of the main complaints about the game is the long load times, when a game expects you to die again and again, iteration times are important, but, it’s not laziness that’s the reason, as an interview with From Software by Games Radar pointed out, it’s safety. The game resets the entire world when you die, replacing not only enemies, but books, crates, anything in the world that can be tampered with. This, they say, is to prevent any bugs or glitches; if the memory is wiped and reset, any issues you encounter will be rectified. Read more about it here, and know that Sony and From Software are working on a way to reduce this iteration time.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be getting 2 pieces of paid DLC on top of the previously announced 16 free pieces of DLC. According to developers CD Projekt Red the two pieces will run at over 30 hours between them, with the first piece Heart of Stone costing $9.99 and the second Blood and Wine running at $19.99. the DLC will be coming in October and early 2016 respectively, while the game itself comes out on May 19th.

There’s been some leaked images and information about the sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex Human Revolution, titled Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It will carry on from the events of the previous game and feature a further enhanced Adam Jenson (He never asked for this),  working for Interpol and hunting down augmented terrorists. As long as they fix those damn boss encounters I’m game.

Coffee Time News 01/04/15

Batman Vs Superman Trailer attached to Mad Max Fury Road, Sherlock season 4 details and a new Assassins’ Creed series.


Mad Max Fury Road has a new trailer, it’s full of car flips, a little more plot (about stealing possessions) and that lovely post apocalyptic terror. Seriously, watching this makes me want to go and play Borderlands all over again. Anyway, if this trailer isn’t enough to get you to see the film, perhaps the rumours that a trailer for Batman Vs Superman will be connected to the film will.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, as yet un-sub-titled (we think) has found its Casey Jones. To play as a love interest for April ONeil (Megan Fox) and as an ally for the Turtles, Arrow actor Stephen Amell has been cast as the masked Vigilante. No no, a different masked vigilante. Has Amell been really specifically typecast?

The Suicide Squad has no shortage of big named actors and characters, between Will Smith’s Deadshot, Margot Robbie’s Harly Quinn and Lared Leto’s Joker, you’d think they’d be okay for characters, but now they’ve added Killer Croc to the list, you know, that giant half man/half croc dude who lives in the sewers of Gotham? Anyway, he’ll be played by Lost Alum Adewale Akinnuoye.


Alan Tudyk’s Con Man which was very successfully crowd funded by you folk, (a helping of big Firefly stars didn’t hurt) has added more names to its exciting and extensive nerd-friendly cast, including actors from The Walking Dead, Terminator and Battlestar Gallactica, Check out the report at the Nerdist for more.

Having recently announced that the Christmas Special for Sherlock will be a standalone story based in Victorian London, Showrunner Moffat has come out and said that this coming season will be a darker story, all about consequences, but maintains that it will keep the show’s humour in tact.

A trailer for the third season of Orphan Black has also appeared, there’s also a little discussion underneath from the guys at Screenrant, but it’s fairly spoiler filled, so proceed with caution, the trailer’s safe though.


A Nintendo Direct will be held late tonight (3p.m PT, works out to be about 11p.m here) on April First. Nintendo assures us that this is real and blah-di blah. So if you’re keen to watch it click here and bookmark it for tonight, if not, I’m sure we’ll find a run down for you tomorrow.

Sony have released their PSplus games for April, and they include Never Alone (PS4) Tower of Guns (PS3/PS4) Dishonored (PS3) Aaru’s Awakening (PS3/PS4) and Killzone Mercenary and Monster Bag for the Vita. Click here for summaries/trailers.

Assassins’ Creed Chronicles: China originally seemed like a sidescrolling adventure that you only got to experience if you bought the Unity season pass, but not any more. it’s actually the first in a trilogy of sidescrollers, each based around a new assassin and a new era/location. Looks exciting.