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Coffee Time News 22/04/15

A better look at the new Batmobile, Ewan McGregor to play a candelabra, and Daredevil gets a season 2 next year.


Batman Vs Superman will bring a lot to the table, but one of the most exciting thing any batman film has going for it is the new Batmobile, and now we’ve got a few new pictures of the car, which looks, just, really cool.

Speaking of images, along with the new trailer a few days ago, a load of hi-res stills from The Fantastic Four have turned up, showing off the main cast powers, including Dr Doom’s metal face.

Casting news! Ewan McGregor has been cast as Lumiere in The Beauty and The Beast, you know, that candle that sings the song about being their guest that was excellent parodied in the Simpsons to be about vests? Oh and Stanley Tucci (Captain America, The Hunger Games) will be playing a grand piano who’s not in Disney’s original.


The much talked about Flash/Arrow spinoff could have a name, with it being referred to as ‘Legends’ by actor John Wesley Shipp and Variety referring to it as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Which makes sense, they seem to be focussing on upcoming heroes (and dead ones, maybe a tomorrow/yesterday thing, with flash backs.)

John Stewart’s run of The Daily Show has an official end date, or end month at least; August, after which South African comedian Trevor Noah will take his place.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Daredevil has a second season on the way, coming to us in 2016, which is next year! If you’ve not caught up on the Netflix original, you bloody should, and then check out Sara and Joe’s discussion on the series. 


Good news for scorned Halo fans, the most recent update to the Master Chief Collection also brought about a release date for the remastered ODST, sort of. It’s coming some time next month, is what they said.

Also good news for Destiny players, House of Wolves, the second piece of DLC (Which won’t include a raid) WILL include a new social area, new characters and new upgrades to existing weapons. So, you know. It’s all good.

The newest piece of DLC for The Evil Within titled Consequences will begin rolling out today on Xbox and tomorrow on PSN.

Coffee Time News 13/04/15

No origin story for the new Spider-man, the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones season 5 out in the wild and Xbox One Price cut.


Ian McKellen has been cast as Cogsworth in the upcoming live action version of Beauty and the Beast, which will also star Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Emma Thompson. In the original Cogsworth is the chief steward who gets turned into a Clock, so I’m guessing CGI? Or perhaps a clock outfit.

Good news everyone! The MCU version of Spider-man will not be an origin story (rapturous applause) he’ll also be a younger Spidey than we’ve seen, being a teenager in high school who, most likely, has only just received his powers (probably in the battle of New York, a gift from the mighty Space Whale perhaps?).

This is news a long time coming, but a few years back there were noises, a lot of noises, being made about a live action adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, with not only a film series, but a television series to help flesh out the incredible world that King has created. Well, it went quiet for a while, but now, in a time of movie universes everywhere you look, it seems like the perfect time to start looking at that script again, which is exactly what Sony is doing.


Game of Thrones hasn’t aired in the UK yet, and already the first four episodes of season 5 have been leaked online. The speculation, considering the standard definition quality of the leaks, is that they originate from the press pack for selected reviewers of the four episodes. Of course, if you cave and watch the first four episodes now, then you’ve got a month’s wait until you can carry on.

In lighter news, fancy seeing how the ATOM gets his name, and just how awkward Ray Palmer really is? No? TOUGH. Here’s a clip from The Flash.


The first episode of TellTales’ Game of Thrones is being offered for free by Amazon for those of you using an android device. It’s slated as a ‘limited time offer’ with no actual time stated as a finish point.

The Xbox One is getting a £30 official price drop in the UK and will now be available Kinect-less for just under £300, which is a huge drop from its original launch price of £429, if you’ve been waiting for a next gen console, this could be your chance.

Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight will be releasing on the PS4 and Vita on April 21st, and alongside that launch players will be able to fight against God of War’s Kratos. Though finding him will apparently be easier said that done.

Coffee Time News 17/03/15

Twin Peaks show in trouble, A Batman cameo in the Suicide Squad and PS Plus is free this weekend.


While John Williams will be coming out of his semi retirement to score Star Wars The Force Awakens, he won’t be scoring the recently announced spin off Rogue One, that job, it seems, will be going to Godzilla (2014) composer Alexandre Desplat.

Batman could be making a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad, according to a rumour from Latino review, who are usually on the money, Batman will be a person of interest for the government, supposedly he’s a bit of a mystery, with the only person who’s had any exposure to him being the Joker.

Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast has been set for release on the 17th of March 2017, and will begin filming later this year. The film will in fact be a musical, which will be a departure from Disney’s recent remakes (such as Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland) and will include songs from the 1992 original as well as new ones.


Game of Thrones gets another new teaser in preparation for April 12th. This one focusses on the mother of Dragons, (among other things).

David Lynch has come out and said that there are ‘complications’ holding up the Twin Peaks series, though Co-creator Mark Frost says that it isn’t funding… What could it be?

That’s put an end to one mystery then: the Sherlock Christmas special will actually be taking place in Victorian England, and the set pictures we’ve seen aren’t from some elaborate Holmes-ian ruse.


We always like fund-raising stories here at Axby, and this weekend Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon raised over £170,000 for charity. Top work fella.

To celebrate the release of Battlefield Hardline this weekend, Playstation plus will be free for just under 72 hours from Friday 20th to Sunday the 22nd.

A spiritual sequel to Banjo Kazooie  is heading our way, and will be partially funded by Kickstarter, check over here for more details on project Ukulele.

Coffee Time News 06/03/15

Independence Day 2 casting news, Zachary Quinto in Hannibal season 3 and Third Person Alien Isolation.


Will Smith won’t be returning for Independence Day 2, but Jeff Goldblum will be, he’ll be joined by Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, who will presumably be taking the place of the lead role. They’ll be joined by Jessie Usher from Survivor’s Remorse in June 2016.

Toy Story 4 is actually happening, despite the near perfect ending of the original trilogy, but it’s not all doom and gloom as Pixar President Jim Morris has said that they’re not focussing on another set of films, instead focussing on a solid, stand alone, separate story which isn’t planned to continue. Yes. This. More of this in big films please. 

Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens is set to play the Beast in the upcoming live action adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, alongside Hermione Watson, I mean Emma Granger I mean Emma Watson. They’ll also be joined by Luke Evans (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) who’ll be taking up the role of Gaston.


Agents of SHIELD got their mid season off to a good start this week with ‘Aftershocks’ (check out Joe’s reaction here) and you can check out a promo for the next episode ‘Who You Really Are here, it features the return of Jamie Alexander who plays Lady Sif in the Thor films.

Mike Epps (The Hangover) will star as Uncle Buck in the ABC sit-com based off of the John Candy movie of the same name. The show will see the man-child Uncle Buck learning to grow up as he takes care of his brother’s children.

Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek) is set to feature in at least one episode the third season of Hannibal, alongside Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, BBC’s Robin Hood) as The Tooth Fairy as seen in Red Dragon.


Alien Isolation got a lot of praise for its tension, immersion and atmosphere, I believe that in part that was because of the immediacy of the first person view, not being able to see anything other than what your character was facing made the game a lot more terrifying, well recently the design lead from Creative Assembly showed off some footage of the game in third person mode, and talked about the 3rd vs 1st debate they had.

The Game Developers Conferenc is this week, and it’s very heavily focussed on the indie scene, so to that end pop over to Kotaku to see all the Indie Game News and releases from the GDC,

Fable Legends will be playable cross platform, that much we know already, but it will also be platform blind, so that Xbox players won’t know if they’re playing with or against someone behind a PC or another console. ‘everyone is just a Fable Legends player, it doesn’t matter’  says engineering lead Raymond Arifianto.

Coffee Time News 09/02/15

Is there a Hunger Games Prequel on the way? Is there a Legend of Zelda live actions series on the way? Is there no spoon?!


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be ‘taking risks’, according to Marvel and creator James Gunn. Apparently the sequel to last year’s runaway hit won’t be following any particular story already laid out in the comics. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans, since the original took some creative licence with certain characters. But in all honesty, if there’s one Marvel property that the general public won’t mind being altered slightly, especially if we get as good a product as the original, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy, since barely anyone knew about them before last summer.

Disney’s next big adaptation, Beauty and the Beast, which will star Emma Watson, may have found its Beast. Ryan Gosling has reportedly been approached to play the reclusive Beast, though with Gosling’s current trend of preferring smaller, independent films, (and turning down roles in Spiderman and the Ghostbusters) it could end up being a (hopeful) rumour.

Ah, when a franchise does well, it just keeps on cashing in doesn’t it? Apparently Lionsgate, the studio behind the incredibly financially successful Hunger Games series, is looking for developments and the possibility of a sequel or prequel to the series. Readers of the books will most likely lean towards a sequel, with the events leading to the first rebellion, lead by District 13 being a lot more interesting, than post book events. But with the risk of telling a story that everyone will have heard already.


Agents of SHIELD returns on March the 3rd, and the newest trailer for the show focusses on the adage ‘what have they become’. After the events of the winter finale and the incident with Raina and Skye (Daisy) in the room with the Terragenesis process, the two characters have changed, for better or worse, and it’s also opened up the world of the Inhumans.

New images have appeared for the Sherlock Christmas Special. With a definite Victorian theme, there’s still a lot of conjecture about what exactly is happening. A dream? Hallucination? Flashback to the Victorian era? Who knows!

Well, this is news I was not expecting, and am still slightly dubious about: Netflix is working with Nintendo to create a live action Legend of Zelda series. It’s got no writer, no director and no cast, but it’s apparently in the works. Nintendo have a jaded history with screen adaptations of their work, (Oh, Super Mario Bros) and a wrong move on Netflix’s end could cause the company to back out. Nintendo are like a skittish dear. But the thought of a Zelda TV show is interesting to say the least: It’s got potential to be epic and huge, but they’d have to be really careful with such a beloved property.


Turtle Rock’s Evolve is released tomorrow, and it comes with a hefty 3 GB patch to speed up load times when setting up matches, something I’m more than happy to download since nothing makes a multiplayer experience slower than bad load times, and lag, but that can’t be helped.

A while ago we reported on the Nintendo ‘creator’s program’, a way for Nintendo to monetise on the ever popular stream of Let’s Plays, while allowing the creators some section of the profits, while it’s been almost universally panned by big names in game play, it’s still popular, and Nintendo have said now that they can’t keep up with all the applications. Oops.

The DICE awards were last week, and one game ruled them all, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor raked up 8 of its 9 nominations, while Dragon Age Inquisition took the ‘top prize’ of Game of the Year. Check out the whole list here.

Coffee Time News 27/01/15

Emma Watson is cast in Beauty and the Beast, David Tennant cast in Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones and Fox begins work on a live action Xmen show.


Emma Watson is set to play Belle in Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, and Belle is basically the Hermoine of the Disney universe and she seems really excited to be playing a role that she’s loved since she was a child, not much else is known about the film as of yet.

Joss Whedon has come out and said that it’s doubtful that he’ll direct Avengers Infinity Wars part 1 and 2. He’s cautious of burning out with the franchise and not having the heart for it when the time comes. But there’s still a chance he’ll have some sway and involvement in the series, I imagine the offer would be there for a guy who’s done so much for the franchise.

Well here’s a big day; the first official behind the scenes look at Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Trank previously worked on Chronicle, where he also worked with the new human torch, Michael B. Jordan, they can be seen in these behind the scenes right here.


Well, did you know that the announcement of Heroes Reborn was the first news article we ever did on Axby? Well here’s another piece of (not so good) news about the spin off, while it will feature Jack Coleman’s HRG (Noah Bennet) it won’t star Star Trek star and previous super-powered serial killer Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto.

Fox is developing a live action X-Men television series, looks like we’ll be casting all our favourite mutants all over again soon! The interesting thing about this is that Marvel still, apparently, own the television rights to the series, which means they get the last say.

Speaking of Marvel live action series, Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones has found its antagonist, and I could not be more excited. Doctor Who and Broadchurch star David Tennant will be taking up the helm of Zebidiah Kilgrave (the Purple Man) a villain who has the ability to influence the minds and actions of others through suggestion.


The Witcher has always been a incredibly complex and tempting game series for a lot of console players, but since it was originally designed for the PC crowd, console players have had a hard time getting into the series, but that’s about to change in the Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt, according to the CEO of CD Projekt Marcin Iwinski.

Up until February 9th, Bioware are offering 10 free tavern songs to download from the epic Dragon Age Inquisition. You can discover more and find a link over at Polygon.

5 Nights and Freddy’s 3 has a new trailer, and a slightly new premise: 30 years after the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the premises seem to be being turned into a house of horrors. Because that’s a good idea.