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Coffee Time News 20/04/15

Solo mode for Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Spin off details and a brand new, (and pretty good) Fantastic Four trailer.


For those who missed it this weekend, and didn’t fancy seeing it in shaky-cam glory, here’s the official Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer which was released prematurely as a result of the leaked footage hitting the internet on Friday.

This weekend saw the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event, and along with that came a load of information regarding Rogue One the first spin off film for the series that will hit in December 2016. The Spin offs will be referred to as the Anthology as a way of separating them from the main trilogies, click here for more information from the panel.

In a surprise release (I think) there’s a new, full length Fantastic Four trailer that’s appeared; it’s significantly less Interstellar-y, with more of a focus on the plot, also, Sue and Johnny’s dad makes an appearance and there’s a lot more comedy. I think I’m back on board. 


Orphan Black fans may want to take a look at this article which talks about season 3, and some of the moves that the series is taking in its third season, it’s the result of an interview with star Tatiana Maslany.

On top of the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin off that surfaced last week, there’s no further talks about Marvel and ABC teaming up for another series, with the hopes to ‘reinvent an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC’. On top of SHIELD, the Spinoff and the Netflix series, is this one show too many for Marvel? Or is it a more-the-merrier type party?

Star Wars Rebels season 2 has a new trailer and poster, this season seems to be upping the stakes a lot, with the introduction of a new sith character as well as a lot of Darth Vader action.


Not all of Steam’s features will be available to new sign ups, in a new move from the online store/community hub. New users will have to spend at least $5 (£3.35) in the store to access many of the features, including friend requests, greenlight/workshop voting and using chat. All this in an attempt to stop phishing and spam accounts.

Good news! Star Wars Battlefront will be including offline, non co-operative modes for those who prefer to space alone! In a mode called Missions players will play against bots, with the option of getting an online cohort to help out.

More big news for Borderlands, after last week’s closure of 2K Australia and the departure of writer Anthony Burch back in January, the games’ creator Matthew Armstrong is leaving Gearbox, he announced in a tweet,


Coffee Time News 09/03/15

Jeremy Renner to return for Civil War, Supergirl outfit revealed and Just Cause 3 screenshots.


Mission Impossible 5 has been moved up to keep its release date away from this low key film called Star Wars that is scaring them for some reason, and will now be released on July 31st instead. Recently director Christopher McQuarrie partook in a twitter Q and A that answered some of the fans’ biggest questions, including Tone, Trailers and the bigger parts the supporting cast (including Renner, Rhames and Pegg) will have in the fifth instalment. 

Speaking of Jeremy Renner, in an exclusive with the Hollywood Reporter, it’s been confirmed that he’ll be returning to the Marvel Universe in Captain America: Civil War, which should put an end to the ‘Hawkeye’s going to die in Age of Ultron‘ rumours.

Neill Blomkamp continues to make the news while Chappie makes the rounds, specifically he’s recently spoken about the possibility of continuing the District 9 story into District 10, saying that he still intends to do so, but after a break. A break that could be filled with Alien 5 which he’s claimed is big and full enough to be more than one film. 


Images of the costume for Supergirl have been released, featuring star Melissa Benoist. The costume design seems faithful to the original costume, while the darker tones and the more ‘practical’ fabric harkens back to Man of Steel as well as The Flash, which makes sense, since it’s been designed by the same as the latter.

Check out this footage for the return of Lady Sif from Thor (Jaime Alexander)  in a clip from the next Agents of SHIELD episode ‘Who you really are’. It features every story-teller’s favourite trope; AMNESIA.

Game of Thrones fans who can’t wait until April for more Westerosi action can click here for the official descriptions for the first 3 episodes of season 5. Now, slight spoilers ahead, but only very slight since no real details are revealed, but you lot know what the internet can be like.


Screenshots from Just Cause 3 have appeared, though no video footage of the game yet, you can jump over to Polygon for the images. One of these features a jeep pinned to the wall, while on the other side two enemies can be seen hanging as well, could this mean that we’ll be able to use more than one grapple this time around?

Hotline Miami 2 has a menu option for skipping any scenes that allude to sexual violence. This is after the release of the demo (that included such a scene) received criticism, though apparently it’s part of a further narrative that was misunderstood. Here’s an idea; if you’ve got something that needs to be seen as a whole to be understood, maybe don’t include it in the demo.

Borderlands news now, not only does the second episode of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands release on March 17th, but The Claptastic Voyage, the next piece of The Pre-sequel DLC which will see the Vault Hunters digitised and sent into the digital consciousness of Claptrap and raise the level cap to 70, will be released on the same day as the Handsome Collection hits stores. The DLC won’t be available on disc, but will be available to download.

Coffee Time News 21/01/15

John Malkovich takes on Zombies in CoD DLC, no Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellan in Xmen Apocalypse and Walking Dead season 5 gets a trailer!


Bad news for Stewart and McKellan fans, it looks like they won’t be appearing in Xmen Apocalypse.  Which could be for the best, since, while Days of Future Past was great, the over saturation of characters led to some criminally short screen time.

Good news Ben Affleck fans, Afflecks’ Batman, who we’ll see for the first time in 2016’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice may also appear in 2016’s Suicide Squad, in a cameo role, or potentially more.

After the huge events of The Interview and its release late last year, Netflix has announced that the Seth Rogan and James Franco film, which sees their two characters attempting to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, will be available to stream on the 24th of January.


Powers, the show based on the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel, has got a release date, the 10th of March when the first three episodes of the show will be available on the Playstation website, and is free to anyone with a PS+ subscription.

There’s a new trailer for the next half of the Walking Dead season 5, ‘find hope’ is available to watch on Youtube. GO! NOW! Before the Zombies come on February 8th!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Justin Bieber will be roasted by Comedy Central this Spring. He seems pretty keen for it, but, let’s face it, this isn’t going to end well for him. Or it will and we’ll all be surprised, then I’ll be in the underground shelter because the apocalypse is nigh


Call of Duty fans should check out the new trailer for the Exo-Zombies mode, which features John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal, oh and Zombies, in exo suits.

Borderlands, the Handsome Collection, which features Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-sequel, and all the DLC that comes with them. (The handsomest of deals) is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on the 27th of March. Not only that but there’s a special edition that contains a remote control Claptrap, with a camera. But there’s only 5,000 of the units being made.

EA have announced that Battlefield Hardline will be available early for Xbox One owners who have subscribed to EA Access for a four day period (with 6 hours of gameplay allowed in total) before it is released in mid March, and all saves and progress will carry over the the full game.

Coffee Time News 05/12/14


Three big parts of casting news today in our news roundup;

We can finally stop calling it Bond 24, and use it’s real name; Spectre is the next instalment in the Bond franchise and will see a returning cast of Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw and Naomie Harris as well as newcomers Dave Bautista, Christoph Waltz and Monica Bellucci among others. Spectre will be released October23rd next year.

Ryan Reynolds is officially Deadpool, and not that abomination from Xmen Origins (Fox that’s another thing I’ll never forgive you for) but as the Merc with the Mouth that we saw in the test footage a few months ago. Deadpool will be produced as a combination of Fox and Marvel studios, and is set for release in Febuary 2016.

Benedict Cumberbatch continues his rule of pop culture that spans Tolkien, Doyle and now Marvel; after a very circular rumour mill, it’s been announced that he will in fact be playing the role of soon to be sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange.


After our two part feature on the Flash and Arrow this week, today’s television news mainly focusses on the team up, first of all is the news that ‘The Brave and the Bold’, the 8th episode of Arrow’s third season that saw The Flash in Starling City, recieved the show’s highest viewing figures since the pilot, which should be encouraging to those who loved the team up episodes.

We’ve also got a promo for the mid season finale for both of the shows, with Arrow ending with ‘The Climb’ and the Flash ending with ‘The Man in The Yellow Suit’.

On the Marvel front it seems that the Netflix incarnation of Jessica Jones has a face in Breaking Bad’s Krysten Ritter, With this casting news it’s sensible to think that Jessica Jones will be the next series for Netflix after Daredevil next year.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare sees it’s biggest patch start its tour yesterday, it sees a huge amount of weapon tweaking for multiplayer. 

Borderlands the Presequel sees its next big batch of DLC in Holodome Onslaught, which will act as a Colosseum/Thunderdome style arena update.

And back to DC; Lego Batman 3 sees the Suicide Squad making an appearance in the next DLC, but to be a bit more family friendly they’ve renamed it ‘The Squad’. 


Coffee Time News 03/11/14

After a long weekend Axby is back, and what better way to celebrate that than with some Coffee, some time and some news.


To kick things off here’s the first trailer for Furious 7, showing off a new job and a big named cast.

Unsurprisingly, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will be returning for Thor Ragnarok, but also for Avengers Infinity Wars, and a bit closer in Avengers Age of Ultron.

Guardians of the Galaxy has passed Maleficent in the Worldwide box office, and is now second only to Transformers Age of Extinction.


In case you missed the reveal of the Ra’s Al Ghul of the TV show Arrow, here it is. Now, it’s not quite the same as a certain mr Neeson, but hopefully he’ll excel too.

Speaking of Arrow, in the next episode we get to see a little bit of an origin story for Felicity Smoak, which, after 2 seasons, is probably due. 

And while we’re speaking Promo images, here’s some for the next episode of the Flash.


Due to a pretty severe case of Post Patch jitters, the PS4 audience of the Evolve Big Alpha has seen very little action, as such, the Alpha has been extended on all platforms until Tuesday.

Battlecry is a free to play class based shooter from Bethesda. You can check out the first few classes here as well as some pre alpha footage.

Want to play as one of the gaming world’s favourite villains in Borderlands the Pre Sequel? Tough. You can play as his clone though, Handsome Jack is available as a playable character in the next piece of the Presequel’s DLC.

Destiny: mmo money, mmo problems

Once again I, like most people writing about videogames at the moment, will be talking about Destiny. You might have read about just how successful Destiny has been, shipping $500 million on the first day alone. Who needs high metacritic score when your game sells this much in just one day.

However that’s not the whole picture, as “shipping” does not mean sold to consumers, rather what the publisher has delivered to retailers. The actual number of units sold to consumers was $325 million, and this took five days to achieve. Still a very impressive number, but it doesn’t have the same ring as $500 million, which is half a billion. That doesn’t mean Activision was lying, or even bending the truth, but it was the purest form of PR speak. Then again as far as Activision is concerned “shipped” may as well be “sold” as they have a revenue of $500 million, it’s now up to the retailers to make their money back.

Although with an alleged budget of $500 million, claiming to generate the same amount of money on day one is great publicity and makes the investors very happy. Whether Destiny actually cost $500 million is still unknown, even if it did it is important to note that the amount also incorporates a very large marketing budget.

Some have jokingly remarked that Activision’s marketing department made a great game, for the careful marketing campaign can be seen as a key contributor towards the game’s success. Usually reviews can have an impact on how well a game does, but this time no formal reviews came out during the first week of release. But with a game of this nature how could they? Whilst reviewers did receive a copy of the game just before the games release in readiness for when the servers first went live, there was no way they could produce a fair and accurate review in time for the public release date.

Many produced what equated to essentially diaries of their experiences so far with the game, which helped to provide some indication to those still on the fence (myself included). By the time the full reviews came out, the scores weren’t great, but by no means were they bad, just less than what many people were expecting, especially from the creators of Halo.

The problem with Destiny is that it is not an easy game to review, for it is a mix of different types of videogames, and for some people the types didn’t blend in a way that they like or in a way that they were expecting. There have been comparisons with Borderlands for quite some time, and whilst that isn’t entirely inaccurate, it is very much MMO-lite. I and many others have found there to be plenty of gameplay to be found after reaching the soft level cap of 20. The “story” might be finished, but the quest to to get more light (the resource needed to go beyond level 20) containing items is when the game truly begins to feel like an MMO.

Activision and Bungie have both spoken about how they have a ‘ten year plan for Destiny’, for a while this seemed like more PR speak and was also reminiscent of Ubisoft’s talk regarding how Watch Dogs is just the start of a new franchise. Yet already Activision and Bungie’s words no longer seem hollow, for Destiny has already received little updates such as the (as of writing) current Queen’s Emissary bounties and items. This has given me an incentive to go back and play certain missions again. But more importantly it further shows the direction that Destiny is going in.

At times Destiny does feel like it is a proof of concept, for it has its faults, and there are times where it feels like there is something missing; such as too few vehicles (a realisation I came to last night during one of the larger crucible levels). Destiny might not be the game people were expecting, and there are those for whom it was not what they wanted. In an industry that is often fixated on winning and losing, Destiny has managed to do both.

Lazy Wednesday Lists: Top Ten Multiplayer Experiences Part 1

With the sudden influx of multiplayer in games that wouldn’t usually have multiplayer, like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, as well as Destiny coming out in less than a month which is heavily multiplayer focussed, I thought now might be a good time to compile a list of the best multiplayer experiences. Now some of these are personal opinion, while one or two I’d feel odd not including due to their popularity, so that’s that disclaimer out of the way.

10: Borderlands (1 and 2)

Ah Borderlands… The FPS/RPG hybrid that focusses on a team of Vault hunters looking for treasure and guns. It’s mostly about the guns.

Borderlands allows up to four people to co-operatively wander the world, shooting the balls out of everything that moves and searching anywhere and everywhere for loot. The ability to duel each other for the best loot made it a little competitive too, which is great.

But the best thing about Borderlands is that the enemies scale with the amount of people in the game, bosses become harder and grunts become less grunty. It means you’ve got to work together to get that wonderful loot. Or, you could run in all guns blazing with a robot companion like I do. You will die, I can attest to that.

9) Super Smash Brothers

Finally, a chance to see once and for all, who would win, Link, the hero of time, or an overweight Italian plumber. My money’s on the guy with the sword.

These games peppered my childhood with the only real fighting game experience I have, and I’ve no regrets. I loved using the characters I knew to beat up my friends, it’s also the only game that I actively lied about my skill at. I’d claim I was awful despite my hours of practice just to lure my friends into a false sense of security.

The myriad of abilities and items made this game chaotic fun, but obviously, if you were serious about Smash bros you go no items on Final destination.

Because there’s no way to take the fun out of a game like removing all the stuff that makes it what it is.

8) Halo

Now originally I had only the co-operative side of halo down, mostly because Halo 4 turned the competitive side into a Call of Duty wannabee. But let’s face it, Halo 3 and prior, the franchise ruled in online console shooters.

Some of the best memories I have on my Xbox were from playing Halo 3 with both friends and strangers. And before that I used to love hanging out with my friends playing Halo 2 in the living room. There was something so pure and fun about those games. Oh and the Matchmaking and level system wasn’t flawed to hell back then.

The Co-op, however, is great too; the inclusion of the meta game, adding skulls and scoring, meant that even working together was a competition.

And who could forget the fear in seeing that sniper trail fly through the air. Eesh.

7) Grand Theft Auto.

It’s odd isn’t it, GTA have always been a single player experience, then GTA Online comes along and disappointed everyone with it’s shaky start and unfulfilled promises. But even without GTA Online this game would have made the list.

Multiplayer experiences used to be all about getting together in the same room and having fun with friends, and that’s exactly what GTA was good for.

Though the storylines are long and rich, the real reason people played GTA was for the messing about factor, and there’s not much in the world that equals the ‘die and pass the controller’ mentality that comes with playing GTA with friends.

Oh the shenanigans that ensue.

6) Mario Party

Four friends go into a room, hours later four enemies leave. The extent that people can mess with you during the game, and it always seems to focus on one person in particular, is ridiculous.

Let’s not forget the screaming, yelling and mild physical abuse that comes with playing with people in the same room.

The best thing is, after all the tears, hoarse throats and broken ribs, it’s all sort of random in the end.

And it’s that entropy that makes it possible for you all to be friends and do it all again next week.

So what do you think? What are your guesses for the final 5? Do you instantly disagree with my run so far? Leave a comment if you do, and if you want to share some of your best multiplayer experiences, well that’s just fantastic too.